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The Wedding Photographer is our blog. It's the blog where we talk about our challenges and our rewards as weddingphotographers in Tuscany and all Italy: from the weddings under pouring rain to how we overcome the sweet inibitions of our brides and grooms; from how we reassure our clients about their concerns to the expressions of enthusiasm once they see their photographs.
The Wedding Photographer is also the blog where we share our discoveries about Tuscany and Italy: from typical destinations to the most secluded locations, from the most romantic venues to most enchanting ones... because - let's face it - be your wedding style classic, romantic, modern or innovative... here is no more beautiful place than Tuscany (or Italy) to get married!

Carolina + Alessandro | Wedding in Pietrasanta

portrait of a couple during their beautiful wedding in Versilia

White Pietrasanta wedding in Twiga Beach Versilia

To  better describe Carolina and Alessandro’s wedding it’s necessary to take a step back and tell the story of these two Tuscan guys. The two protagonists were born and raised in Tuscany, in the province of Pistoia. Here they attended the same high school, but their eyes have never met. The fate, mocking, expected that the time was ripe for them to meet. Indeed Carolina and Alessandro met in Milan, in a law firm, where they both now work. And so, between a folder  and the other, in a short time they tied the knot, assisted by their beautiful baby girl, Carlotta, their families and friends. PIETRASANTA WAS THE PERFECT SCENARIO FOR THIS WEDDING The center of this Apuan town is home to one of the most beautiful churches in Tuscany. The Cathedral is clad externally in white Carrara marble; the interior is completely painted with frescoes, rich and gorgeous. The bride, who got  prepared within the town, chose to arrive at the church on foot, walking on  the cobbled stone streets among  the curious glances of the families who crowded the square.… read more...

Ashley + Alonzo | Wedding in the countryside of Florence

candy family picture

Wedding in the countryside of Florence. Ashley & Alonzo

Anyone who has been called by friends and relatives to take pictures on a particular occasion, knows how much responsibility and pressure we wedding photographers have to bear. I have known many people who would never would do my job. However, the satisfaction of always seeing joyful moments and beautiful locations repays me for all this stress. Try to think for a moment what it means to take pictures at the wedding of another photographer! Yes, because Alonzo is a talented photographer from Las Vegas, who has married his sweetheart Ashley in the countryside of Tuscany on an Autumn day. The wedding was celebrated in a villa outside Florence, in front of a few friends and guests. An intimate wedding, with symbolic rite in front of the panorama of the Chianti in the silence and the atmosphere of the most authentic Tuscany . I was talking about Alonzo … actually he was not terrible at all!… read more...

Klaudia + Gerard | Wedding in California USA

Pictures from the wedding of Klaudia & Gerard, celebrated in Bacara Resort, Goleta, USA

From Tuscany to California… the story of a boundless love

We had left them here, after Gerard asked Klaudia to marry him in the beautiful setting of Monterosso, in the Cinque Terre. After their engagement session between Manarola and Florence, we did not really think that the two future newlyweds would have asked us to be part of their big day … let alone in California! Klaudia and Gerard chose Santa Barbara to celebrate the wedding with family and friends, a town in the middle of California, about two hours drive from Los Angeles, where the couple lives and works. Every now and then a change of scenery is good. As soon as we arrived we were overwhelmed by a warm welcome, usually intended for distant friends that you don’t meet very often. The wedding of Klaudia and Gerard has allowed us to take advantage of unusual scenarios and new locations, to know nice people and be part of what has been a very special day.… read more...

Lara + Cristiano | Wedding in San Galgano

Pictures from the wedding of Lara & Cristiano celebrated in the abbey of San Galgano. The reception was in Tenuta di Bichi Borghesi, Siena, Italy

Wedding in San Galgano. Two photographers get married.

It’s been only 4 years since I first met Lara. I met her in Florence, in a photography studio where I had been working for a few years. She, a university student of photography about to graduate; I, an advertising photographer with a real passion for weddings. Since that February 2009 more than 1500 days have passed; we’ve spent together many beautiful days, worked a lot and travelled little, but always as if the wedding of those people who entrusted us was our own. So, after a holiday to the Canary Island, we decided that it was the right time to be on the other side; putting the cameras aside, we wore our wedding dresses and, after a few months of tiring preparation, we got married at the end of may surrounded by friends and relatives. The civil ceremony took place in the frame of the Abbey of San Galgano, near Siena.… read more...

Miia + Timo | Wedding in Florence

Wedding in Florence

Wedding with view of Florence: Miia and Timo in Torre Guelfa

Miia and Timo decided to celebrate their wedding in one of the most awesome places in Florence. The wedding took place on the top of the Torre Guelfa, that is the name of the hotel that manages it. The couple came to get married in Tuscany from far away Finland, even if you wouldn’t say it at first sight. The bride, Miia, in fact, is a sweet girl with dark hair and deep brown eyes; you could easily mistake her for a beautiful Mediterranean woman. Timo, instead, has blond hair and icy eyes. They both wore beautiful dresses: the bride’s was designed by a stylist friend; the groom, instead, wore a blue suit with typical Scottish patchwork e brown shoes. To organize their wedding in Florence, the two newlyweds asked for the help of a great wedding planner: Tina from My Choice Events. She has suggested to them this beautiful location with a view on the Duomo of Florence and Palazzo Vecchio.… read more...

Claire + Brady | Wedding in Montecastelli

Symbolic ceremony celebrated in Villa Montecastelli in the country of Siena

Canadian wedding in Villa di Montecastelli, close to Siena: Claire and Brady

The only type of communication we had before their wedding with Claire and Brady, a lovely Canadian couple, was via emails. That’s why we had no idea about their characters or whatever we usually find out during the engagement sessions before the marriage. When we arrive to Villa di Montecastelli, an ancient renovated fortress overlooked Francigena street, the mystery was finally unrevealed. The young couple welcomed us with warmth and kindness: after a few hours we felt like being at home and it didn’t look like we were working. Claire and Brady celebrated their wedding in the beautiful garden of the Villa, where we realized the photo shoot below. Villa Montecastelli offers a really spectacular setting to those who love Tuscany: besides the ancient walls you lose sight of the mold curves of Siena hills which inebriate all your senses. Talking about senses, do we want to talk about taste? The owner of the Villa, Jens Schmidt, is also an exceptional chef.… read more...

Francesca + Filippo | Wedding in Fiesole

Francesca and Filippo Wedding

Francesca + Filippo | Winter Wedding in Vincigliata Castel

We’ve already given you a foretaste of this amazing couple, Francesca and Filippo. We met hese two funny guys from Florence during their engagement session in the park. The two fiancées have chosen to celebrate their wedding in winter, at the beginning of december, in the wonderful Castle of Vincigliata. Maybe someone, reading about it, will be surspised and think : Getting married in winter? Why?. Well, we invite you to change your idea: take a look at the pictures and be impressed by the amazing atmosphere of this wedding. The ceremony was held in the church of San Martino in Maiano, a few steps from Fiesole and Florence. Francesca was excited, but beautiful in her long dress with a gracious old time veil. Not even the cold was able to stop her enthusiasm. Filippo was a real gentleman: smiling, attentive, smart. Needless to say. We’ve taken pictures with them until late evening, encouraged by their will and energy.… read more...

Isabelle + Roland | Wedding in Forte dei Marmi

Bride and groom under the door of their villa for the wedding in Versilia

Wedding by the sea in Forte dei Marmi: Isabelle + Ronald

Few women have Isabelle’s inner elegance and posture. This bride, whom we had the pleasure to picture at her wedding, is surely one of the most delicate and sweet girl we met during our career as wedding photographers. On her side, Ronald, an excellent groom to be: charming, lively, attentive. A very exceptional couple, like their wedding indeed: the two fiancées chose Villa Grey in Forte dei Marmi as location for their wedding party. Obviously, Versilia is a really magic place for a visitor coming from beyond the Alps: golden beaches wide spread, the blue of the sky blending with the green of the surrounding hills… a real paradise of romanticism! Perfect for a wedding near the sea. That’s why Isabelle and Ronald’s choice could not be better: with their inner taste and class, they have been able to organize a really chic event. After the ceremony into the church, the party was given on Forte dei Marmi beach, at the feet of the majestic Villa Grey.… read more...

Francesca + Parker | Wedding in Montepulciano


Wedding in Montepulciano: Francesca + Parker

What kind of link is possible among a little town in Calabria, a canadian city and the beautiful Montepulciano in Tuscany? Maybe more than one, but the one we’re going to reveal is surely the most romantic: Francesca and Parker’s wedding. Francesca is a gorgeous girl with typical mediterranean beauty: tall, dark haired and an enchanting smile. Her family, in fact, has its origin in Calabria, even if she’s grown up in Canada, where her parents moved years ago. There Francesca met Parker, a young canadian guy who, for handsomeness and posture, looks like an actor of the twenties. The ceremony was last October in the magnificent church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Montepulciano. Why did they choose Montepulciano for their wedding? The couple immediately explained to us their love for Italy in general (being a contributing factor Francesca’s family origins) and, mostly , for the green landscapes of Tuscany.… read more...

Dominique + Dave | Wedding in Asciano

bride and groom under the tuscan sky after their wedding

Wedding in Podere Finerri: Dominique and Dave on tuscan hills

Among all the fascinating panoramas that Tuscany can offer, Crete Senesi are one of the most suggestive and romantic: a view that can definitely take your heart away. Last summer I had the chance to stare at them for a long time, thanks to the breathtaking Podere Finerri, an ancient farmhouse of the XVII century laid on the hills around Siena, few kilometers away from Asciano. I got this chance by the flawless Boutique Events – one of the best wedding planning agency in Tuscany- which contacted us for the wedding of a Canadian couple, Dominique and Dave. The two planned to celebrate their wedding there, crowning their love dream among the green hills of the Tuscan country. Dominique is a cheerful and sweet girl: her eyes are always smiling, even when she’s not saying anything. It took only a minute to be in tune with her. And what about Dave?… read more...
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