About Us

Do you know why we are considered the best wedding photographers in Tuscany?

I don’t think we can explain why, but you can look at our photos, read who we are and what our clients and the press say about us. And then you can make your mind.

Facibeni fotografia is Cristiano Brizzi and Lara Emme. Together we shoot stunning destination photography for the most exclusive weddings in Tuscany, Italy and internationally.

Our photography is editorial, pure and elegant with a wonderfully vivid colour palette that allows it return true and vibrant images, according to the teaching of Humanistic photographers and modern trends.

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One of the leading photographers in the field of marriage since 2006, Cristiano is a master at capturing the beauty and joy of living.
He has been a practising professional photographer in Florence for a number of years, he is in wedding photography since 2006.

His methods combine the non-intrusive editorial style with a playful touch of romance. The result is an eclectic mix of stunning and natural images. As his photographs, his subjects appear vibrant, full of personality, joy and fun. Customers love his passion, energy and his visionary and entertaining style. His works have been published in Vogue, Brides, Marie Claire Maison, Elle, as well as numerous lifestyle and fashion magazines and blogs.

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Lara is a fashion photographer who has found his inspiration in wedding photography. She brings the touch of glamour and classic continental style in your wedding pictures.
Lara loves fashion, food and all things wedding! The beautiful surroundings of her home area, Portovenere and the Italian Riviera, inspired her love for photography.

His approach to marriage is glamorous and typically British, her brides are the most elegant of all the Tuscany area. When it comes to elegance and femininity, who’s better than Italians?

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A couple looking at the tuscan sunset

Sunset in Montepulciano

Imagine your wedding day…. Would you like to celebrate in Tuscany? Why not in the beautiful and charming Montepulciano? Besides being the only Italian village where were filmed some scenes from the movie Twilight, Montepulciano is also famous for its lovely sunsets. Judge for yourself!…

Pictures from a wedding celebrated in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Wedding in Villa Cora in Florence

What could be more beautiful than a wedding celebrated between the frescoes and the architecture of the Florentine Baroque? All this, now, is possible in the beautiful Villa Cora in Florence, close to Piazzale Michelangelo. This bride posed for a photograph in the hall of mirrors before the church ceremony, which was held in the center of Florence. Beautiful, isn’t it?…

Picture taken in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italian Riviera

A sunset, a van and so much love!

There are married couples that you would like to take home with you once the wedding is finished. Unfortunately this is not possible, but they will always be in your heart and you will never forget them. Today the photo of the day is dedicated to two special guys, who crowned their love dream in Santa Margherita Ligure, in the Italian Riviera. Between a shots and another we ended up…