How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost in Italy?

How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost in Italy?

Thanks to the Internet, find a good wedding photographer in Italy is not that difficult. Just type in “best wedding photographer in Italy” on Google and you’ll find hundreds of results. Whether you’re looking for a portrait photographer, or just a photographer for you elopement in Italy, finding one is easier than ordering a slice of cake. You can quickly check the portofolio the blog and in a short time to find one to suit your event.

Despite this, find a good photographer at the right price could be more complicated. The offer is high, so the prices are on average lower than the photographers of the US and UK. But you must be careful!

What’s the average price for a wedding photographer in Italy?

It depends on the type of photo shoot that will be created. Nothing is more important than the photos? You don’t know? Think about when you will review them after twenty or thirty years … The real question before looking for the right professional is:

What do you expect from your wedding photographer?

Think of something simple, or someone who can tailor on you a customized service? So before you wonder how much actually does a wedding photographer cost, you should understand …

What kind of photographer are you looking for?


The wedding photographer is an investment made on the memories.

And, usually, the price varies depending on the skill and expertise of the photographer, but especially on how much energy and how much attention the photographer himself spends on your work.

I would like a  cheap photographer to spend  as little as possible. Am I wrong?

No, but it depends on how interested you are in the photo shoot and how much you are willing to risk.

A cheap wedding photographer after all  does a limited  job, that is, he will not devote much time and attention to you and your needs.  He will simply give you back, skills permitting, standard photographs  and albums in line with the average levels of the market.

The approach of this photographer is definitely selfless: his gain is about numbers.
A photographer who snaps 100 weddings a year, whereas the season runs from March to October, will definitely not return a product over the top; a little for lack of time, a little because you’re a couple like any other 99.

If you designate a very large studio, it is possible that on your wedding day an amateur will appear, maybe a student who, thanks to this second job, pays the expenditure incurred for the equipment he has. This type of service does not provide any kind of editing on photos, so no color balance, sometimes dark photos sometimes clear ones and poor print quality.

If the photographer is not important for you, finding one is not that difficult.

With the advent of digital, competition has become fierce and even  known studios have felt the need to lower rates. With a simple email you can request a quote for a standard service and decide based on that.

The rates in this case start from € 500.

While a professional photographer will cost more than a cheap one, you can still save money by hiring smart. The rates of a professional will vary according to several factors which can be manipulated for the best price. Those factors include the number of photographers hired, if they have their studio in an expensive location, if they participate in fairs to market themselves which adds to the advertising budget, whether you want them there for just the ceremony or the full event, albums and photo books, hiring through a wedding planner, and taxes.

A typical wedding photographer in Italy will cost around € 1700. There are some who charge € 6000 for a full day shoot but if you are on this page then obviously you are not looking for those people. To get a cheaper price, look for a professional who primarily does their advertising on the internet which is cheaper and allows them to charge less. Decide exactly how much time you want to hire them for and whether or not you want them to use assistants.

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Why a cheap photographer is a risk

There are the photo enthusiasts, who have another job but to earn more, take pictures at weddings. This is definitely a risk category, it  is a bit like those selling  fruit at the exit of the supermarket.
They are not bound by contracts and, in the case they had difficulties to be present or the work is not adequate, they cannot repay any advance or offer any compensation.

An alternative option would be to hire a friend or a relative and charge him with the realization of the photos of the wedding. Again the same applies as for “Sunday photographers“, with the aggravating circumstance that, being an acquaintance, the shame for the small figure made will compromise your future relationship.

After all, the question arises why a wedding photographer has lower prices than average.
Check that there are no disappointments like VAT excluded from the estimates, the cost of reprints disproportionate, etc …

How pessimistic! But there will be exceptions?

Exception is made by the young professionals who need to make a brand name, and then perform services at cheaper rates to get nice photos to be able to show to couples who’ll  come after you.

Then, I should point out that not being cheap does not necessarily mean to be good. However, in general, the level  is often proportional to the cost.

You pay for quality. Always.

Being in the hands of a non cheap photographer means, first of all, to have guarantees.  It means signing a contract that protects both parties, even in the event of accidents or hindrances and being  certain that you will be safe until the day when you will see the album with your own eyes. It means having a written estimate and being  able to ask a few extras without the fear of spending impressive rates for small details.

It means being certain that your wedding will be dealt with  as no one other’s  and to have those you have commissioned present and caring for the whole duration of your most special day.

Hiring a good photographer in Italy will allow you to add value to your memories, having photos far from average and  from the standards of the market and refined and sophisticated solutions for the photo books…

In short, a book that your children and your grandchildren will be happy to look at, photographs that will thrill you even after several years and will bring back to your  memory all the emotions experienced during that day; an  historical memory seasoned with creativity and attention to detail, a product completely customized according to your needs.


Yes, everything is beautiful! But how much does it cost?

Rates vary depending on several factors such as:

Ok. But the price?

On average, a photographer with a good technical preparation asks for full day service around € 2o00. I know wedding photographers who demand even € 7,000, but if you’re reading this page, it means that they’re not  for you.

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Is there a way to save money?

Of course. Let me explain:

The desire to save money in these times of crisis can make you end up in the wrong hands. However also excellent professionals propose solutions for any type of couple . My studio, for example, offers the possibility to book hours photo shoots .The concept is to have fewer pictures but of good quality.

Though my rates are higher than those of more scarce colleagues, I offer the opportunity to spend less depending on the needs of the couple.

But do the category’s associations guarantee?

Well, actually in Italy there are no official associations.
More than associations of customers they are associations of photographers, who organize competitions, exhibitions, etc … Sure, some offer guarantees and they make members sign a code of ethics. However, from a legal point of view, they cannot do much.

I hope I have helped you. Feel free to drop a line. I will be happy to read your thoughts about it.

If you have questions, or just to say hello, contact me here!

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