The Story of a Wedding Photographer

When I first decided to become a photographer, I was working in an industry that had nothing to do with wedding photography. I was feeling dissatisfied in my work because I did not feel I had the chance to excel or to fully demonstrate my skills and worth. I felt that my colleagues and supervisors were constantly using excuses to justify the status quo and avoid bringing fresh ideas to the table. I wanted more from life and decided to invest time and energy into working towards a degree in photography. I chose a good school and for two years I worked two jobs to make my dream a reality.

Michael was the name of my photography teacher. During his long career, Michael photographed the war that occurred in the Balkans. Although he was a master photographer who taught me all I needed to know about profession, I knew I did not want to become a war photographer. I did not have the courage for such a profession but mostly I preferred to take pictures of joyful scenes. After school, I began work at Photo 360, a photography studio that specialized in producing advertising for furniture companies. It was hard work and low pay but I was proud of the progress I was making in my career.

After three years with Photo 360, I found that I wanted to move in a different direction. I love wedding photography because it allows me to be creative without the constraints of incompetent managers. Although it was not easy, I decided to throw myself into this new adventure. I regularly clashed with other photographers who were full of big ideas and had the biggest egos but were the masters of the type of photography I admired. Still I persisted even when my parents, who viewed my photography as a hobby, implored me to get a real job.

My love of weddings and wedding photography gave me the strength to get through it all. I love everything about weddings from the lacquer of fingernail polish to the sounds of the heels of tense brides as they move down the steps and into the waiting car. Weddings move me, especially when the bride smiles and the tension goes away. I enjoy being around the guests as they share in the bride and groom’s special moment. But most of all, I enjoy capturing it all on film.