Villa Paterno, the venue of dreams in Tuscany

Villa Paterno, the venue of dreams in Tuscany

The most exclusive wedding is on the hills of Tuscany

The old Fattoria di Paterno is an exclusive wedding venue that is located in a stone’s throw from Castelfiorentino and Empoli, less than an hour from Florence and its famous museums. The villa is nestled in the mild hills of Tuscany and is one of most beautiful places where you can celebrate and organize your wedding.

Describing such a fascinating environment is so difficult as to explain what you feel the first time you see the Villa. 
It is set by a lady, who lives in the farm next door, so wisely and with extreme good taste; the architecture integrates seamlessly with the vegetation and the surrounding nature: often you can see walls crossed by creepers, windows and arches that create their space between the green and luxuriant ivy.

The whole building is enchanting, first of all the materials: sandstone, bricks and tiles for interior flooring; gold, brass and wood for the 

Villa Paterno is divided into three parts, there are many areas for wedding reception! 
The main court with the obelisk in the center offers a unique atmosphere and is often used for dinner. During the clearest evenings, the yellow lighting contrasts with the intense blue of the sky, making the scenery magical and enchanting even for most demanding guests.

The large adjoining terrace is covered. It is used to house aperitifs as well as the cutting of the cake. You can also use it as setting for real ceremonies, enjoying the beautiful view of breathtaking landscapes that rivals the hills of the close Chiantishire.

The farm also has several lounge areas with sofas and refined gazebos to shelter from the humidity of summer evenings; in case of rain it is possible also to take advantage of the interior spaces and covered areas, enriched by beautiful and refined gold wall lights and huge carpets.

But probably the real highlight is the incredible architectonic structure that impresses the visitor as he approaches the entrance: four huge columns placed to support a roof in wrought iron completely covered with branches of pink rose creepers.

Definitely, it is an ideal place for the wedding photo shoot: considering the amenity of the environment, you will be spoiled for choice. In addition to the scenery and the natural settings of the part open to the public, the owner allows bride and groom to use the garden and the swimming pool for photographs. The interiors of the villa are equipped with huge windows, the best for portrait sessions. The area dotted with old and charming wine barrels and a wrought iron spiral staircase is providential in case of bad weather.

Outside the villa are beautiful vineyards and typical small streets, with a more genuinely Tuscan atmosphere, surrounded by natural vegetation. On warm summer evenings, thanks to our work that takes us around among the most beautiful villas in Tuscany, it is often happened that we found ourselves enjoying this lovely environment!

Personally, I want to let you know that from the top of the hill, I have enjoyed the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen: a flaming red sky drowned in the blue of the twilight fading on the horizon.

For those who have already been conquered or want to take a trip to admire it, you can 
reach the villa from two directions: we recommend you to take the road through 
Pozzale and Via d’Ormicello, because the other is unpaved and difficult to go through. Just outside the entrance of the villa is a large and comfortable parking.

For those that are planning a wedding from abroad, at the foot of the hill there is 
a residence with apartments and rooms to receive guests, from which the villa is only a few minutes.

We are sure that you cannot but fall in love with it at first sight, we wish you to come here soon to enjoy this piece of authentic Tuscany.

throwing petals during a wedding in Paterno
The main area of Villa Paterno
Table settings
views of Villa Paterno
the pool of the villa
bride and groom posing in Villa Paterno
Car on the road of Villa Paterno
symbolic ceremony in villa paterno
group picture in villa paterno

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