Weddings on a budget abroad. The Elopement in Italy

Weddings on a budget abroad. The Elopement in Italy

Do you dream a wedding in Venice, but you have a limited budget? The solution now exists, and it is called Elopement.

I know how important the budget is when planning a wedding. Often the bride’s dreams are not cheap and giving up something seems impossible. Every bride wants a dream location, a precious dress and an unforgettable ceremony.

If your dream is then set in a distant place, we understand that your budget should be high, because you might also consider the accommodations of all of your guests. But if your budget for the wedding is not enough you can always opt for an Elopement.

The Elopement is the most intimate kind of wedding. The two of you in a place far from home; a beautiful location and the type of ceremony you prefer. Do you want to get married in Venice? You can choose a civil ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli (where you can connect via webcam with your families at home), or celebrate a religious ceremony in one of the beautiful churches in the city, or a symbolic ceremony on the terrace of a nice luxury hotel.

You can select the best suppliers, and the cost will not be high. Hotel, flowers and photographer will cost a little because their services will be shorter but excellent. Choose top professionals who will make your event unforgettable!

Venice is much closer than you think: two plane tickets, a romantic bouquet and an excellent photographer to document the event for friends and families far away. He will give you back the best photographs in a short amount of time. He will have to focus only on you two and your needs, the best result through a service that could last from 2 to 4 hours, at a cost that falls within your budget.

Do not give up your dream wedding abroad: choose the Elopement and good suppliers, your dream will become reality.