Why you should consider an Italy Elopement

Why you should consider an Italy Elopement

In Italy, it is called lovers’ getaway. There could not be a more romantic name to define what in the Italian language does not have a precise definition. Two words: Italy elopement.

The one famous in the  60s and 70s, when lovers from South-Italy, who did not accept the marriage arranged by their families, flee to the north, trying to build a life after a rapid rite celebrated in haste.

In 2015, many things have changed. The elopement has become a recurring thought in all those couples who are looking for a different way to celebrate a wedding; something that is more intimate, something to live almost privately, something that might be also the occasion for a great honeymoon.

italy elopement

Why eloping abroad?

The elopement is nothing more than a wedding where there is no one else but the couple and the celebrant. And, of course, the photographer.

But what are the real benefits of an Italy elopement?

A wedding abroad

Real elopement provides a symbolic ceremony, celebrated in a garden, or in front of a landscape, or who knows where. The choices are endless! For those who prefer a religious ceremony, you can choose the church you like, without compromise.

If you are looking for just that little church with the cypress trees on the hills of Chianti, so small that even the witnesses would not be able to get inside, an Italy elopement is right for you.

Beginning of the honeymoon

The elopement is often the beginning of a dream honeymoon. If you’ve always wanted to visit the tropics during the honeymoon, you might consider getting married on the beach at the beginning of your trip.

Time to think

Often, while planning a wedding, the preparations and the many tasks make you lose sight of the meaning of marriage itself. Not having specific duties except few things, the elopement is the perfect choice to live the intense emotions of the wedding wholly.

Low budget wedding.

The elopement is ideal for those who prefer to invest in a few but essential things. An elopement is a choice that will let you save a lot of money, or invest them in a wedding for a chosen few. If you’re not keen on the idea of inviting  200 people to the reception, the elopement is just right for you.

Italy elopement

Why an Italy Elopement?

Italy is the perfect place to organize any elopement. Every request we receive is a pleasant discovery. From the ceremony in front of the panorama of the Chianti until the wedding on the beach at sunset, we are always surprised by the endless creativity of our couples. There are no limits; there are no inaccessible places for photos. What you dream is within reach.

Imagine a ceremony on a little island in the middle of a lake. The silence broken by the wind that moves the branches of a weeping willow. A table, two candles, and the love of your life in front of you.

Isn’t it all so romantic?

It may not be as it once was, but the idea of leaving everything and run away with your loved one is flashed to all at least once during the organization of the wedding. Many give up, but for those who accept the challenge, the design of their elopement is just the beginning of a beautiful and unforgettable adventure.

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