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Pictures taken from the wedding of Francesca & Tim, in Umbria, Italy

Wedding Photographer Italy

Getting married in Italy can be truly magical, and very memorable. Everyone wants great pictures of the big day. That’s why you should hire a wedding photographer you can trust to take stunning portraits under the best light. There are many wedding villas in Tuscany, for example, where you can celebrate your civil and symbolic marriages. Many secluded areas might be suitable for elopements and intimate ceremonies. Be guided by a Wedding Photographer Italy to discover the best spots places for prewedding and portrait photography.

If the shores of the Lake Garda isn’t the place where you want to exchange your vows, you have plenty of other places to choose from. Portofino, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, for instance. They’re all authentically Italian, and they’re all gorgeous. Take some time to look at the most popular villages and historical towns to get married; you might find something you really love – and you will love the photos as well!

Here are some readings (plus beautiful images) you might enjoy:

Fabulous Isola del Garda wedding

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Fabulous Isola del Garda wedding

Among the best works done in 2015, I remember this Isola del Garda wedding. With many hopes in my mind, I leave for Villa Florida in Gardone Riviera, the hotel where the couple got ready before the wedding. Upon my arrival, I was immediately surprised. The bride was a charming and gentle girl, the kind of muse every photographer would like to portray. The groom, also good-looking, was a friendly boy and puts me at ease right away. Their story looks like a romantic movie: they met in London. She, Russian and he, Austrian, fell for each other after a real love at first sight. Within a few months, they’ve decided to get married. What better location than Italy to do it? Isola del Garda is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Northern Italy. This beautiful villa is located on a private island in the middle of Lake Garda, just a few minutes away by speed boat from the shores of Salò and Gardone Riviera.… read more...

Veronica + Massimo | Wedding in Montecatini Terme

Country Chic wedding Pistoia

We had left them on  the hills of Tuscany for their fantastic engagement session. We find them again dressed as bride and groom for their wedding Pistoia. Veronica and Massimo crowned their dream of love in the Montecatini Terme area, near Pistoia, on a beautiful and warm day in late May. The religious ceremony took place in the church of Santa Rita in Margine Coperta. After the special moment the two newlyweds dedicated themselves to photographs, while walking along the dusty roads in the hills near Montecatini Alto and around the beautiful green lands which surround the site chosen for the reception. The area is located in the ‘real’ Tuscany which is, in many ways, still little known internationally. Montecatini is shielded from behind by mountains and hills, on which stand delightful medieval villages where time seems to stand still. Further south the plain extends to the Palude di Fucecchio, the largest Italian swamp, a protected natural paradise. … read more...

Francesca + Tim | Wedding in Umbria

Timeless La Badia Orvieto Wedding

Enjoy this stunning La Badia Orvieto Wedding. Meet this beautiful couple from LA, California. Francesca’s gorgeous blonde hair, brown eyes, and unforgettable smile made her a pleasure to photograph. Together they make an unforgettably graceful and elegant pair. Francesca’s dad emigrated from Italy to the States when he was 17, and although she still has her original Italian surname and italian citizenship, she doesn’t speak much of the language. Francesca and Tim felt that the only way to feel like he was at the wedding was to get married in his country.  This couple is 100% American, but that didn’t stop them from having their special day in the incredible landscapes of Umbria, Italy. Many couples from all around the world choose Italy as the place to tie the knot, and it’s no surprise why. Italy is one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations on the globe. But Umbria, which is very similar to Tuscany, is a relatively new destination for foreign weddings.… read more...

Eraldo + Adriana | Wedding in South Italy

Wedding Photographers in Cosenza. South Italy….

It’s May. It starts to get hotter and hotter, beautiful sunny days are coming. I receive an email that cheers me up. A couple in love asks me if I’m available for a wedding in Cosenza, South Italy. Finally another gorgeous wedding in the South of Italy! Not that weddings in Europe are less attractive, but the wedding in the South might be quite an experience: parties lasting for days, impressive ceremonies with hundreds of guests, beautiful baroque villas and breathtaking landscapes. The last wedding I did in the South was at Ravello, near Amalfi and Positano. I had never worked that much before, but I felt great. The hospitality was the best, and the weather was even better. It was an experience to be repeated as soon as possible. I booked a flight and rented a car for moving there. The event will take place on a Wednesday at the beginning of September.… read more...

Courtney + Nick | Wedding in Umbria

Wedding in Castello di Borgia: Courtney and Nick

Umbria, a Thursday in September. I check out the reminder note I printed in the morning: ok, the address’s right. In front of me stands out the impressive Borgia Castle, a majestic building of medieval age. I’m here for a wedding that’s a bit different from the usual ones, first of all for the venue. I am in Passignano sul Trasimeno. Bye bye Tuscany, today I stray. The wedding will be celebrated tomorrow, but I preferred to move in advance, so I have the time to see the place and look for the best spots for photographs. I don’t know much about Nick and Courtney, but the little I know excite me: I going to shoot the wedding of a young Canadian couple who work as….models. Oh yes! Friday’s morning, the sun is a little shy, it’s hidden behind the clouds and mostly behind the towers of the castle, whose park is going to host the wedding ceremony.… read more...

Wedding Varese on Valentine’s Day

wedding varese

Wedding Varese on Valentine’s Day

What could be more romantic than a wedding on Valentine’s Day? To tell this story, I have to start from the day. February 14th  is the feast of lovers, and you will certainly agree with me, there could be no better day to celebrate a wedding. La Ale e il Corsi –nicknames of Alessandra and Alessandro – live and work in Carrara, in the north of Tuscany. The reason that prompted them to choose Varese for the civil ceremony is that Alessandra was born and raised here in the province. She would have liked to go back there to spend the moments of her wedding in the company of friends and family who had not seen her for some time. Why not? thought the couple.  We’ll take the ball and organise two weddings! Yes, because la Ale e il Corsi will get married with the religious rite next October on the beaches of Versilia!… read more...