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Pictures from the wedding of Carolina and Alessandro, in Versilia, Tuscany
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Wedding Photographer Lucca

If you’re planning your wedding in Lucca, you should know that there are many great wedding locations in and around. And inside these lovely areas, you can find 99 churches and more than 100 historical villas with their wonderful private parks. There is plenty of spots for wedding photos, lots of venues to match any marriage.

Getting married in Lucca is itself a winning choice: the town, perhaps one of the most romantic in all Tuscany, offers many views for the couples who are looking for excellent and unconventional photos.

Be guided by an expert Wedding Photographer Lucca to discover the best spots for engagement and wedding photographs in Lucca.

Here are some readings (plus beautiful pictures) you might enjoy:

Lovely Elopement in Lucca

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Lovely Elopement in Lucca

Among the many locations for weddings in  Tuscany, Lucca is an original and very successful alternative! The bride and the groom are well informed of it as they chose a romantic getaway in this picturesque spot of Italy to celebrate their wedding! Lucca is a gorgeous town that is located halfway between Florence and the sea. Surrounded by great walls, few people know it, but most of them remain intrigued by it. The centre is composed of a myriad of narrow streets that head to Piazza San Michele, where the impressive cathedral is located. Nearby lies Palazzo Orsetti, which the bride and groom have chosen for the civil ceremony. Palazzo Orsetti is an old building, with large rooms and impressive staircases, famous for the so-called Sala Verde, where the mayor celebrates the civil rite. After the ceremony, I photographed them during a walk through the most beautiful highlights of the town.… read more...

Zhaleh + David | Wedding in Villa Grabau

Garden Villa Grabau Wedding

David and Zhaleh’s wedding was celebrated in one of the most beautiful villas of Tuscany. The civil ceremony took place inside the garden of Villa Grabau, near Lucca, in a park with old trees surrounded by the tranquility of the Tuscan countryside. This British couple, who have been living in Australia for several years now, had the opportunity to crown their dream in front of friends and family, some of whom they hadn’t seen for a long time. The preparation of the bride took place in Villa Pitti Amerighi, in Montecatini Terme. Here, a fantastic vintage Mercedes 180 SL picked her up and she was taken her directly to the ceremony. Villa Grabau Wedding Cocktails and aperitifs were taken in the large garden in front of the Villa. The dinner was held on the terrace in front of the majestic limonaia under a light blue sky that turned to dark blue as evening fell.… read more...

Petra + Sea | Photo shoot at the Beach Club

photographer forte dei marmi

Tuscany Beach Wedding Inspiration

Shooting a Tuscany beach wedding is always a pleasing and refreshing experience. Every time, I come home with lovely portraits that enrich my portfolio. However, beyond the photographer, a wedding on the beach is an experience to remember for both bride and groom and the guests present. Among the many venues available for celebrations on the beach, the Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi is worth a special mention. It is a modern seaside resort that overlooks the golden sands of Tuscany. Among its main features, besides the swimming pool and a fabulous restaurant, the chance to arrange any event and wedding. The environment is multi-purpose, and can be set according to your taste. The exteriors in travertine and the clean appearance of the building make it very classy, perfect for any photo shoot! It was a pleasure to photograph Petra in this seaside resort. Her beauty has certainly made things easier, and it was exciting to portray her as she strolled on the catwalk, seeing her posing near the pool with sea views.… read more...

Annie + Darren | Engagement in Lucca

Annie and Darren, two lovers taking a stroll around Tuscany

Engagement session with the Tuscan countryside as background A quiet Thursday afternoon, the sun finally peering through the clouds after a long rain, and a brand new Scottish couple to meet, Annie and Darren, going to get married in Lucca in may. After some mishaps due to a not too sure navigator, we reach the bride and groom to be in Segromigno in Monte, at the villa they chose for their wedding. Together we move around the neighborhood to take the pictures of their engagement. After a couple of bends we reach the beautiful avenue that leads to Villa Torrigiani, one of the most beautiful villas in Lucca; it’s so beautiful that it is part of renowned tour of the Villas that includes also Villa Mansi, Villa Grabau, Villa Oliva, and many more. Among these, also the Villa chose by Annie and Darren to celebrate their wedding, Villa Daniela Grossi. Annie immediately seemed like a very sweet and at the same time shy girl, but at the beginning we were all a little clumsy: you know, it’s not easy to stand natural and unaffected in front of a camera!… read more...

Shabby Chic Garden Villa Bernardini Wedding

villa bernardini wedding

Shabby Chic Garden Villa Bernardini Wedding

I have left the couple to enjoy their honeymoon in Boracay, the Philippines, after their wedding on the beach. However, Valentina and Daniele were certainly not easy to please. Since the seaside wedding was quite intimate, they thought why not share the joy of a garden ceremony with the ones couldn’t make the big day? Therefore, they came to the decision to have a new wedding, in front of family members and friends who couldn’t celebrate with them in person in the Philippines. The place that has been chosen for the new wedding is completely different to the first, seaside location. Villa Bernardini hosted the spouses and their guests during the whole event, from the ceremony to the cake cutting, and the memorable first dance. The civil wedding took place on a hot afternoon of July, in the central garden facing the grand facade of the villa. White chairs contrasted with the green grass, fresh flowers filled the setting, and many many tears were shed!… read more...

Honeymoon photo shoot in Tuscany

Honeymoon photo shoot in Tuscany

We had left them carefree and beautiful on their wedding day. Now, a few months later, we find them even happier on a beautiful day in early June for a new photo shoot. The couple of the day got married almost a year ago in Pistoia. Although they were initially interested in an engagement session before the wedding, they had such a busy schedule that it wasn’t possible. I ask them to switch to a honeymoon photo shoot in Tuscany. A service often required by couples from all over the world who we meet in Tuscany during their honeymoon. Married couples from Singapore, Los Angeles, and from the biggest capitals of Asia and America contact me for a photo shoot in the most beautiful cities of Europe. Often these services take place in the towns like Venice or Florence; for these newlyweds, I chose a more intimate location, away from prying eyes, to spend some time relaxing in the countryside of Tuscany.… read more...