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Pictures taken from the wedding of Paola & Sergio in Monterosso al Mare, Italian Riviera
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Liguria Wedding Photographer

Liguria is a garden overlooking the sea, a landscape painted with palm trees that flourish on the promenades, fishing boats, and colorful houses.

Cinque Terre, Lerici, and Tellaro are just a few of my favorite destinations for wedding proposals and honeymoons in lovely medieval villages, places of international fame with names that recall the notes and colors of Dolce Vita.

If you’re planning a beach wedding in Portofino or Santa Margherita Ligure, these destinations combine romance, beauty, and good food. Here you can arrange majestic ceremonies that will dazzle your guests!

Be guided by a Liguria Wedding Photographer to discover the best spots places for elopements, pre-wedding and portrait photo shoots in Italy.

Here are some readings (plus beautiful photos) you might enjoy:

Romantic Wedding in Cinque Terre

cinque terre wedding

Romantic Wedding in Cinque Terre

Among the many great wedding locations where to elope in Italy, Cinque Terre have to be mentioned among the most charming. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso; these are the names of the villages. Couples who decide to celebrate a wedding in Cinque Terre will benefit not only from the turquoise, clear waters but also from the natural setting, where the untouched nature is interspersed with vineyards, olive groves, and orchards, creating a valuable relationship between man, his traditions and this outstanding stretch of coast. Cinque Terre are one of God’s remarkable gifts to landscape, portrait and wedding photographers. Every village provides many excellent backdrops for breathtaking photos. While they are now discovered, I see many more happy couples strolling around and kneeling down for romantic and unforgettable wedding proposal in the quieter hours of the evening. Here you will enjoy sun, sea, wine, and pure, unadulterated Italy. Celebrating a wedding in Cinque Terre is an unforgettable experience.… read more...

Bucolic Lerici Wedding

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Bucolic Lerici Wedding

If I were to get married again, I would seriously consider Lerici as my wedding location. This stretch of the Ligurian coast is as beautiful as little known. Frequented mainly by locals, it is one of the loveliest areas where to celebrate a seaside celebration. The bride and the groom, from the cold Russia, have chosen Lerici among the many wedding locations of Liguria. In addition to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s been the typically Italian atmosphere that brought them here. For example, the colourful houses near the harbour,  the perched castle, rustic taverns and cafes overlooking the square, the rowdy fishermen who sell fresh seafood directly on the market stalls. A lovely atmosphere! They got dressed up in a private inn in Fiascherino, surrounded by their families and close friends. The couple portraits were taken in the morning in the center of Lerici. After the first pictures, with boats and blue water as a background, we climbed the small fishing village up to the castle, on the top of the village.… read more...

Lovely Cinque Terre Elopement

photographer cinque terre

Lovely Cinque Terre Elopement

Taking wedding photos at the Cinque Terre is the aspiration of many photographers. The Cinque Terre are in fact one of the most visited tourist destinations in Italy. Undoubtedly the most requested by professional photographers and enthusiasts for a holiday in the Bel Paese. Well connected with the main Italian cities, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are located above a strip of coast overlooking the Ligurian Riviera. These five villages are perched on the dark rock above the turquoise sea. Behind them, green hills covered with vineyards and olive trees. Although very different from each other, the houses of all the villages are painted in pastel colours. It’s easy to meet other photographers on the paths that connect the villages, or in the most beautiful spots, as they wait for the right light to take a picture of the sunset. Having the opportunity to photograph beautiful couples on their Cinque Terre elopements fills my heart with joy and enthusiasm.… read more...

Church of San Pietro in Portovenere

Church of San Pietro in Portovenere

The church of San Pietro is nestled at the top of Portovenere, a lovely village on the coast of Italy. It overlooks the Gulf of La Spezia, also called the Gulf of Poets, in the Liguria. San Pietro in Portovenere dates back to the year 1100! It was built on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to Venus (from which the town takes its name). It’s made of white and black marble. Situated on top of a small peninsula, there you enjoy a 360 degrees view. The Church of San Pietro Portovenere is one of the most beautiful and suggestive destinations to celebrate your religious beach wedding in Italy. Cool and breezy even during the hottest summer days, the bell tower is one of its best attractions. When marriages are taking place, and the bride is arriving, the bell sounds the notes of the wedding march. What could be more romantic?… read more...

Sarah + Shaun | Wedding in Portofino

liguria wedding venues

Portofino Wedding at Hotel Splendido

Portofino has always been one of the most desired wedding locations in Italy. Not surprisingly, hundreds of couples from all around the world choose this village in  Liguria for their wedding ceremony and reception. The wedding photographers, at least once in their life, would like to photograph a marriage there. For me, the opportunity came with Shaun and Sarah, and their Portofino wedding at the Hotel Splendido. But first things first! Portofino is the city of La Dolce Vita for excellence. Here is Italy in miniature: a little harbour, colourful houses, the turquoise sea, stone streets, fashion boutiques alongside food and artisan shops. And many, many foreign tourists. You see them tiredly going up the paths to the Brown Castle, a fortress on the hill where you have the most beautiful overview of the entire bay. Portofino is one of the most exclusive cities in Italy. Since the early twentieth century, it is the destination of lords, earls, celebrities and artists who spend their holidays here.… read more...

Klaudia + Gerard | Engagement in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre wedding proposal in Monterosso

For us photographers, surprises and expressions of love are on the agenda. After years of experience, we could almost say that nothing can amaze us. We have gained such a stock of anecdotes and tales that we could impress friends and relatives, always amazed by the imagination of some of our couples. Recently, however, an unusual experience turned up, maybe the most romantic one that our cameras have ever framed. He, Gerard, is a young Californian guy who works for the American Disney Channel; she, Klaudia, is his beautiful girlfriend, peak speaker of a Californian FM called KOST. Gerard asked us to be present on a very special occasion: his wedding proposal to Klaudia, that would take place here in Italy in the area of Cinque Terre. Being incurably romantic, we have accepted and looked forward to the established day. Cinque Terre Wedding Proposal On a Saturday in June, we packed up our equipment and we went out for dinner in Monterosso, in the resort where Gerard and Klaudia were.… read more...

Paola + Sergio | Wedding in Monterosso al mare

Cinque Terre Wedding in Monterosso

If I say their names, Paola and Sergio, it’s easy to think that these are two Italian guys. But this lovely couple, who celebrated their Cinque Terre Wedding in Monterosso al Mare, is 100% English and lives in the most British city in the United Kingdom, that is London. But how is this possible, given that their last name is Italian? On a beautiful day in late June, we finally solved the mystery. The fathers of Paola and Sergio are Italian and have married two English girls, with whom they spent the rest of their lives in the UK. None of them have forgotten their origins and language; in addition to the name and surname they passed on to their children their passion for Italy, even if the latter do not speak Italian fluently. A flaw which you can pass on once you’ve met them. Paola and Sergio are, in fact, nice people, polite and respectful: the features of our favorite clients.… read more...