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Wedding Photographer Versilia

Celebrating a wedding in Versilia is an original choice for those who want to combine the charm of a beach ceremony with the authenticity of Tuscany. Versilia offers many advantages to the couples who want to crown their dream of love here.

What could be more beautiful than to stroll along the streets of the center of Pietrasanta, among the antiques and monuments? It will be a pleasure to spend a summer evening in an old tavern in front of a glass of wine, tasting dishes from long culinary tradition. Or spend some time among the fashion boutiques in Forte dei Marmi, then take the bike and follow the coastal cycle path for miles and finally resting on the deck watching the sunset.

Versilia is sea, culture, art, relax, fun and …. love! Have you any idea of how many couples have met and fallen in love with the scent of this land? Be guided by a Wedding Photographer Versilia to discover the best locations for wedding and portrait photography on the seaside of Italy!

Here are some readings (plus beautiful photos) you might enjoy:

Chic Forte dei Marmi Beach Wedding

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Chic Forte dei Marmi Beach Wedding

What about this Forte Dei Marmi Beach Wedding? If this was not the perfect marriage, we need to revise the definition of wedding. Thanks to a beautiful couple of spouses, a fairytale locations and a staff living up to the occasion. But first things first. The bride and the groom have decided to get married on a warm Saturday in mid-September in Versilia, where they’ve been living and working for years. Like many other couples, they wanted a religious ceremony in a beautiful church and reception on the beach, to enjoy the appeal of a romantic sunset over the sea. The church they chose was Pieve di Valdicastello, on the old Via Francigena, in Pietrasanta. A church that has literally stolen my heart. Small, entirely built with tuff and marble,  it is one of the brightest I’ve ever seen. The Beach Resort Francomare was the place where the couple received their guests.… read more...

Eva + Silvio | Wedding in Forte dei Marmi

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Romantic Seaside Wedding Forte dei Marmi

When Eva and Silvio decided to get married in Forte dei Marmi, they should have thought of all the great summer holidays spent in Versilia with their families during youth. A story familiar to many people from Milan, who always remain tied to this part of the Italian coast. How many people have fallen in love on the golden beaches of Versilia? Impossible to define a precise number. The atmosphere here is magical. Not surprisingly, many lovers, fascinated by Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta, decide to spend the best day of their life on the Tuscany coast. A wedding Forte dei Marmi is perfect for those who want to arrange a romantic celebration on the beach. Eva and Silvio chose Bagno Annetta for their union. This historic beach resort is located not far from the centre and boutiques of the town. Frequented by celebrities from the entertainment industry since the 60s, its style is delightful, unique and distinct.… read more...

Forte dei Marmi Family Portrait on the Beach

Forte dei Marmi Family Portrait on the Beach

A late summer afternoon, the now deserted beach of Pietrasanta, a couple deeply in love who recently expanded the family. One of the couple I shot in 2012 today introduce me to Leonardo, their adorable baby who in a few days will be seven months old. A happy child who, with his soft little face is the picture of joy. Leonardo won me over with thousands of funny expressions and his contagious laugh; among the countless kisses of mum and dad, he has worked patiently with my shots. An afternoon with friends, smiles and much, much love. It is amazing to see how much happiness a couple, and now a family, may release and spread. It was a pleasure for me to share even a few moments of this intense joy. Please, enjoy below some pictures from the afternoon in Versilia with the little Leonardo.… read more...

Wedding on the beaches of Tuscany? 6 questions before start to plan

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Wedding on the beaches of Tuscany? 6 questions before start to plan

The beach wedding is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends of the moment. In Tuscany there are beautiful beaches and seaside resorts, but what is the most suitable for our needs? We asked for help to Alessia, wedding planner in Tuscany. Wedding on the beach, here are the most frequently asked questions: For a couple in love, the most beautiful day of their life, is definitely  the one where the wedding  is celebrated: an important day to spend with friends and families and share with them all the best and most memorable moments. Often couples have the desire to surprise and to organize an original reception  which is also outside the lines .. and how? Celebrating their wedding on the beach. Where to hold a wedding on the beach? There are beautiful beach resorts  located on the Tyrrhenian coast where you can make a fantastic wedding. From the most elegant to those minimalist chic.… read more...

Carolina + Alessandro | Wedding in Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta Beach Wedding in Versilia

To better describe this Pietrasanta Beach wedding, it’s necessary to take a step back and tell the story of these two Tuscan guys. Carolina and Alessandro were born and raised in Tuscany, in the province of Pistoia. Here they attended the same high school, but their eyes have never met. The fate, mocking, expected that the time was ripe for them to meet. Indeed Carolina and Alessandro met in Milan, in a law firm, where they both now work. And so, between a folder and the other, in a short time they tied the knot, assisted by their beautiful baby girl, Carlotta, their families and friends. Pietrasanta Beach Wedding Pietrasanta was the perfect scenario for this wedding. The center of this Apuan town is home to one of the most beautiful churches in Tuscany. The Cathedral is clad externally in white Carrara marble; the interior is entirely painted with frescoes, rich and gorgeous.… read more...

Intimate Beach Maternity Photos in Versilia

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Intimate Beach Maternity Photos in Versilia

When I speak about beach maternity photos, I mean taking pregnancy pictures on the beach. It is an exclusive, intimate and unique moment, to be stopped in time through unique and timeless images. You should get a feeling for the couple and not be too pushy, not exceed the limit of their intimacy and at the same time represent it as if it was familiar. I feel privileged to be able to live even a single hour of this extraordinary moment that a couple lives while waiting for a baby. Their excitement, curiosity, tenderness are feelings that I can see through the lens, photographing them comes naturally to me. As well as their smiles full of joy. Mum and Dad have chosen the beautiful beach to have their pictures taken. Spending time with this couple made me breathe their love and the beautiful waiting that excites them. It’s  been a pleasure to take these pictures among a hug, a laugh and a lot of complicities. … read more...

Pietro | Big blue eyes and a lot of sweetness

Pietro: a portrait of a special baby

His blue eyes immediately won us, but his “fame” has certainly preceded him. That’s Pietro, the beautiful child of one of our most affectionate couple, Tania and Paolo, newlyweds in 2012. We waited a few months before photographing him, curious to discover up closely all his tenderness and beauty. And we could not be happier when we realized that Pietro would have gladly paid for our shots, without a slightest tantrum. Pietro was just fantastic: smiling and serene, with his many different expressions that filled us with joy during the beautiful afternoon, spent together. The photographs were taken at the family’s home, so Pietro felt at ease all the time of filming, surrounded by stuffed animals and the constant (precious) presence of his parents. Pietro gave us unforgettable moments that we have captured in the photographs that you will see in a moment. Among smiles, love, and sweet atmosphere we hope these pictures can remember to mom and dad even more how good and beautiful their gorgeous little bundle is.… read more...

Let’s suppose a day, a beach, a wedding…

Let’s suppose a day, a beach, a wedding…

Getting married on the seashore: a fairytale among the waves  Let’s say the truth: who has never dreamed about a wedding on the beach, with the sound of the waves, the salty tang and the sea standing out in front of you? The sea scenery, in particular if supplied with white curtains, candles and flowers, lends itself more than any other thing to set up a fairytale wedding. In the United Stated it’s a very successful custom; it seems a little more difficult here in Italy. Surely, on such an important day, you should not renounce your own wishes: you need the right amount of determination, very clear ideas and everything becomes realizable. If you’re planning a religious ceremony, it will be enough to find a priest who agrees to follow you to the seashore; if, instead, you choose a civil wedding, the beach location cannot be used. However, you can move around the obstacle: it’s enough to execute documents and files in the town hall only with the witnesses, and then move to the sea, where will be set a symbolic ceremony that won’t have any official value.… read more...

Katharina + Christoph | Wedding in Versilia

Katharina and Christoph, a chic wedding in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is certainly summer location for a public that loves small seaside towns, perfect in every detail, ideal for walking and enjoying the beautiful Italian life. This small town is the focal point to visit the cities of Lucca, Pisa and Florence, but it is also famous for good restaurants, good shopping and luxury in every corner. Right here Katharina and Christoph, two guys from neighboring Austria have decided to celebrate their wedding. When I met this couple, a few days before the wedding, I quickly realized that their wedding would have been a stylish and intimate one. Katharina, gorgeous in a simple but elegant dress, was beaming. Beautiful in white, with a true diva behavior. For makeup and hairstyle she chose a Mediterranean look: a low clump for the hairstyle and eyes perfectly framed. A style that I immediately loved. The groom kept up with her in an elegant suit signed Gucci.… read more...

Letizia + Andrea | Wedding in Viareggio

Modern Viareggio Wedding on the beach

Why are you considering a Viareggio Wedding? “I hate the idea of ​​putting my feet on the sand during my wedding.” With this sentence, followed by a cool gaze, Andrea dismissed all my proposals for the organization of his wedding reception in Versilia. “I care for my guests, and I don’t want them to feel forced to ruin their shoes, or worse to take them off, in order to enjoy a drink on the seashore”… I stopped and I realized immediately his point of view. And although I was trying to make a good impression, as he was marrying one of my most beautiful and special friends, I had to bite the bullet and admit that he was right. The Viareggio Wedding on the beach I had proposed dozens of wonderful locations to Letizia and Andrea, from Forte dei Marmi to Viareggio, and discussed where to arrange the reception, but none of these corresponded to their demands or captured their dreams.… read more...

Giulia + Luca | Engagement in Pietrasanta

Photo session in Pietrasanta | Giulia & Luca

To better describe who Giulia and Luca are I think it’s appropriate to start this blogpost as if it were a fairy tale … “Once upon a time there was Pietrasanta, a beautiful Tuscan town which overlooked the sea of Versilia, the most chosen destination for holiday by many actors and celebrities. Made famous by some cult films of the 60s, it has been the stage of many love stories…. “ Although the first spark didn’t fly on the beaches of Tuscany, Giulia and Luca decided to take the pictures of their engagement session in Pietrasanta. They are both very committed to Versilia, the place of their summer holidays as children. Luca is a tall guy with a contagious smile. Giulia instead, a simple girl, solar and smiling. Their photo shoot was held in a sunny and warm late September afternoon, with a sunset I could frame. The walls, the doors and the pretty streets of Pietrasanta have been the background for the first part of photographs.… read more...

Chiara + Paolo | Wedding in Forte dei Marmi

Chiara and Paolo, wedding on the beach…. among photographers!

The story in pictures of the wedding of two photographers on the beach. When I learned to be the photographer of the wedding of Chiara and Paolo, for a moment a shadow fell on my face. This is not any two people, but two professional photographers who have been working in my field for over fifteen years with amazing results and enormous satisfaction. 
Paolo and Chiara are the owners of a historic photographic studio in Marina di Carrara, north of Versilia. 
It was the father of Paolo, also a photographer, who founded it a long time ago. Then, 
although I was happy that the couple had been thinking of me first, I felt I had the big responsibility to give them a high level result, in short, to keep up with them. The wedding was celebrated in a bathhouse in Marina di Massa. The real ceremony was held on the beach, in front of the mayor of Carrara and a crowd of onlookers and swimmers, amazed by a ceremony so beautiful as yet little known in Italy.… read more...

Paola + Nick | Wedding in Forte dei Marmi

photographer pietrasanta

Romantic Beach Club Wedding in Italy

Although so popular in Italy, few outsiders know the beauty of Versilia. Famous for its hills and its cypresses, Tuscany also offers couples a beautiful coastline, ideal for romantic honeymoons or, as in the case of Paola and Nick, perfect for beach weddings in Italy. Although the sea is not that great, Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta are the destination of hundreds of families from North and Central Italy for summer holidays. One of the many reasons that makes Versilia popular since the 60s is the fantastic atmosphere you can feel there. After their first visit, even Paola and Nick were amazed by this corner of Tuscany. Paola and Nick chose the Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi for the planning their beach club wedding in Italy. This beautiful beach resort looks perfect for fairytale weddings.  The resort is located directly on the beach. Inside there are a swimming pool, a popular and award-winning restaurant and giant dance floor.… read more...

Alessandra + Andrea | Wedding in Forte dei Marmi

Italian Forte dei Marmi Wedding

For Catholics, the wedding must take place within the community in which you live. In addition to being a party for the bride and groom, it is also a time when the whole community tightens next to the new couple and celebrates with it the birth of a new family. The inhabitants are witnesses of this, and the church is the place where this new union is blessed. It’s very rare to see a couple of Italians celebrate a symbolic ceremony on the beach. Less rare, but certainly not frequent, are civil weddings. The church was and is the place par excellence in Italy where weddings are celebrated since ancient times. Alessandra and Andrea, as usual, have crowned their dream of love in the church of Montevettolini, a few minutes from where Alessandra was born and raised. The village is almost entirely built in stone, sits perched on a hill overlooking the valleys of vineyards and olive groves between Pistoia and Montecatini Terme, in Tuscany.… read more...

Isabelle + Roland | Wedding in Forte dei Marmi

Wedding by the sea in Forte dei Marmi: Isabelle + Ronald

Few women have Isabelle’s inner elegance and posture. This bride, whom we had the pleasure to picture at her wedding, is surely one of the most delicate and sweet girl we met during our career as wedding photographers. On her side, Ronald, an excellent groom to be: charming, lively, attentive. A very exceptional couple, like their wedding indeed: the two fiancées chose Villa Grey in Forte dei Marmi as location for their wedding party. Obviously, Versilia is a really magic place for a visitor coming from beyond the Alps: golden beaches wide spread, the blue of the sky blending with the green of the surrounding hills… a real paradise of romanticism! Perfect for a wedding near the sea. That’s why Isabelle and Ronald’s choice could not be better: with their inner taste and class, they have been able to organize a really chic event. After the ceremony into the church, the party was given on Forte dei Marmi beach, at the feet of the majestic Villa Grey.… read more...

Katy & Tony | Wedding in Forte dei Marmi

Wedding on the beach? Yes, we can @ Forte dei Marmi

You say Versilia and you think Forte dei Marmi, the pearl of Versilia. The location famous for
luxury, for its high-fashion boutiques and for its villas was the location of a beautiful wedding. 
Katy and Tony, english origin but resident in the Emirates, have decided to crown their dream of love in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Italy. Certainly the most exclusive. For the occasion, they chose the rising star of the wedding planning, Ilaria Menichetti of Glam Events in Tuscany, who designed for them a tailor-made event. 
The preparation of the couple was held at the Ritz Hotel in Forte dei Marmi, the ceremony instead on the beach of Bagno Annetta, an exclusive beach resort right there. The atmosphere was actually a dreamy one, the temperature right and the shades of the sunset unforgettable. The aperitif was served on the sides of the pool of the resort; the dinner, topped with speeches, took place directly under the gazebos on the beach.… read more...