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Church of San Pietro in Portovenere

26 July 2012

The Church of San Pietro is nestled at the top of Portovenere, a lovely village on the coast of Italy. It overlooks the Gulf of La Spezia, also called the Gulf of Poets, in Liguria.

San Pietro in Portovenere dates back to the year 1100! It was built on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to Venus (from which the town takes its name). It’s made of white and black marble, on top of a small peninsula, from where you might enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean.

The Church of San Pietro in Portovenere is one of the most impressive and evocative destinations to celebrate your religious wedding in Italy. Cool and breezy even during the hottest summer days, the bell tower is one of its best attractions. When marriages are taking place, and the bride is walking up to the church, the bell sounds the notes of the wedding march. What could be more romantic?

san pietro in portovenere

Religious weddings might be celebrated here from Monday to Saturday, and the celebrant might help you with the Italian bureaucracy. Given that the church is very popular, especially during weekends, you must book many months in advance.

Being a small and crowded village, Portovenere might present logistical problems. First of all, parking on the seaside might be very expensive. Please ask your guests to leave the car at the top of the village and then arrange some the shuttle transfers for them. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Secondly, if you’re planning a wedding with numerous guests, keep in mind that there aren’t facilities such as large villas or castles around. You might plan the wedding reception by the countless hotels and restaurants in the area. Or you can arrange some boat transfers to get the Castello di Lerici, available also for large wedding receptions.

wedding photographer portovenere

As for wedding photos, Portovenere and the church of San Pietro offer a multitude of excellent opportunities for taking great portraits.  The terrace above the chapel, the Byron cave with its cliff overlooking the ocean, the colourful houses of the village will make your wedding images breathtaking.

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