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Wedding Photographer Lucca 19 January 2018 Elegant Garden Wedding at Villa Oliva Villa Oliva is one of the most impressive venues for weddings in Lucca. It's the classic Italian villa, central to a vast park with secular plants. The lovebirds of today have decided to celebrate the... Wedding Photographer Italy 18 January 2018 Classic Wedding at Villa Valmarana Villa Valmarana ai Nani is a beautiful house overlooking Vicenza, in Veneto, just a short distance from Venice and its beauties. Vicenza is the city of Palladio, a great Italian architect who has left... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 16 January 2018 Stylish Italian Wedding in the Tuscan countryside In addition to being the most beautiful place for photo shoots and honeymoons, Italy is also the home of fashion and elegance. The most renowned designers and stylists are Italian; the dresses worn on... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 12 January 2018 Lovely Casa Cornacchi Wedding After more than ten years of wedding photography, it's nice to fall in love with my job again. Thank God, there will always be weddings that I would never stop photographing and couples with whom I wo... Liguria Wedding Photographer 12 January 2018 Casual E-Session in Monterosso al Mare Monterosso al Mare is the living contradiction of the Cinque Terre. By one side, the old town, made of ancient decadent walls and bougainvillaeas in bloom, so dear to newcomers hunting for history and... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 11 January 2018 Classic Monte San Savino Wedding Every year, hundreds of families from Europe and America get to Italy. Most for tourism, but also to spend a few days off with their closest family members in one of the most beautiful countries of th... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 6 January 2018 Mystery of Portraits It's funny now how shooting a portrait was difficult and intimidating for me in the beginning. Now these are my favorite photoshoots since I've learned how to share emotions and happiness of the momen... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 6 January 2018 Turn a Failure to Your Big Success When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you ... Like a bolt out of the blue Fate steps in and sees you through When you wish upon a star You... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 5 January 2018 Places that I love Interior and exterior design has been my hobby for many years. An inspiring place like a new street caffe or small restaurant is a a place I go when I need to think on some new project and have my min... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 4 January 2018 Summertime happiness Living in eternal summer has always been my main dream. Turned to be not that fun when I gave it a try, but I still love it so much.