Chianti Weddings

Chianti is in the wine region, so very well-known and famous as a destination for weddings. Chianti is one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, perfect for elopements and engagement sessions in the countryside.  The borders don’t have a clear definition, but it’s located between the territories of Siena and Florence; Green vineyards, rolling hills and olive groves are common in Chianti, and they make a magnificent backdrop for the pictures of your special day. Colourful villages are also traditional here, and those can create picturesque sceneries that are hard to beat, also for your honeymoon photos, if you’re so lucky to spend a few days here.

So, If you like wine country, or even if you’re captivated by the old villas, then a Chianti could be a perfect area for you when it comes to the ideal place to pronounce your vows and celebrate with your guests outdoors. It’s normal to see Chianti landscapes on postcards and calendars! Those pictures are breathtakingly beautiful, and using them as a background can only make your wedding pictures even better. Once booked the venue, be sure to hire the best photographer of Tuscany for your images. You’ll be proud to show your wedding pictures to friends and family for years to come.!

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