Church Weddings in Italy

The church wedding has always been part of the Italian tradition. From Italians’ point of view, nothing is more significant than exchanging eternal vows in front of God in a majestic church. From the most impressive Basilicas to the small chapels lost in medieval villages, every church has a unique charm. As an international wedding photographer, but also as a Catholic, I know every single stone, every arcade or marble tale on the ground of these sacred altars. It doesn’t matter if you’re eloping or having a big wedding; getting married through the Catholic rite means following a project for whole life. And I know how important is the ritual. That’s why I always work with respect and discretion, to let the couple enjoy thoroughly every moment of the religious ceremony. Feel free to drop a line to discover the most beautiful cathedrals of Italy.

The religious ceremony took place inside La Certosa, an old Carthusian monastery is located on a hilltop surrounded by the Florentine countryside. The bride arrived on a stunning Bentley and climbed the stairs leading to the altar with her father, both very excited.

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