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Forte dei Marmi Weddings

Forte Dei Marmi is a beautiful seaside neighbourhood of Tuscany facing the ocean, the perfect location for a wedding and portrait sessions. A good photographer of Versilia can choose the most suggestive and singular spots in any beach resort. Forte Dei Marmi ‘s seashore is an ideal setting, in particular at sunset, when the photographer might take advantage of lights and shades that happen when the sun disappears behind the horizon. The pier is the unique feature of the village. Here the honeymoon photos, as well as family photos, become magical and suggestive. Be guided by an expert photographer to discover the best spots and beach resorts of Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta.

Shooting a Tuscany beach wedding is always a pleasant experience. Every time, I come home with lovely portraits that enrich my portfolio. A wedding on the beach is an experience to remember for both the bride and groom and the guests present. Among the many venues available for celebrations on the beach, the Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi is worth a special mention. It is a modern seaside resort that overlooks the golden sands of Tuscany.

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