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International Wedding Photographer

An international wedding photographer cannot but be charmed by the traditions and cultures different from his own. All that gravities around the wedding ceremony fascinate him, whether abroad or in his native country. For this reason, those who want to discover new worlds have just to choose a destination for the wedding or the elopement and book a flight ticket.

Take the opportunity to have the photo shoot or pre-wedding photos as you’ve always imagined it. Write now to your international wedding photographer for a free consultation and ask him to move abroad. Book your next destination for your wedding portraits! Be guided by an International Wedding Photographer to find the best spots places to elope and get married worldwide.

International Weddings 5 April 2019 Relaxed Wedding in Santa Barbara For a Tuscan wedding photographer, shooting a wedding in Santa Barbara is the most natural and comfortable thing. The hills of California reminds me to Tuscany, and even if no cypress trees are dottin... International Weddings 29 March 2019 Weekend at Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club After a whole summer spent on taking wedding photos in Tuscany and Italy, there isn't anything better than a short vacation. And even if I do what I love for a living, a weekend off is necessary to re... International Weddings 15 March 2019 Moroccan Bridal Inspiration at Palais Namaskar While seeking inspiration for this Moroccan bridal editorial, I stumbled upon dozens of beautiful venues. Marrakech, before definitely unknown to me, has quickly become a labyrinth of fabulous opportu... International Weddings 15 March 2019 Pre Wedding Photos in Santa Barbara In the list of the places where I spent some of the greatest moment of my life, Santa Barbara is at the top. Here I took my first destination wedding overseas, here I came back with my family for holi... International Weddings 19 March 2018 Beach Dunes Honeymoon Inspiration in Maspalomas Among the many places I can call Home, Gran Canaria is probably the most beautiful. This is one of the seven of Canary Islands, a destination for winter holidays very popular in Europe and almost unkn... International Weddings 7 February 2018 Gorgeous Portrait Session in Madrid Spain Among the many beautiful cities that I've visited during the year, Madrid has a special place in my heart. At the Barajas airport, I stumbled upon a super-modern, almost difficult city. Later on, as s... International Weddings 2 February 2018 Stunning Engagement Session in Seville Spain Seville is one of the most attractive towns I have ever seen in my life. Perhaps the most beautiful in Europe! Utterly unexpected, it filled my eyes with genuine beauty and shot me in the heart! Its n... International Weddings 7 January 2016 Now Larimar Punta Cana Wedding I met these two young Canadians for the first time on the occasion of the wedding proposal in the Cinque Terre. I helped Barry during the planning, and I was there when he asked Jessica to marry him. ... International Weddings 23 May 2014 Asya Premier Suites Boracay Wedding Today I write this post as a photographer but mostly as a friend. I want to tell the story of a glamorous wedding on the beach in the Philippines. Valentina and Daniele are dear friends, I have been ... International Weddings 9 May 2014 Romantic London Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Every time I went to London during the last few years, I wondered how magical it would be shooting would be in the city. London is an incredible city, modern and lively. It maintained its style and it...
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