Liguria Wedding Photographer

Liguria is a garden overlooking the sea, a landscape painted with palm trees that flourish on the promenades, fishing boats, and colourful houses. Cinque Terre, Lerici, and Tellaro are just a few of my favourite destinations for wedding proposals and honeymoons in lovely medieval villages, places of international fame with names that recall the notes and colours of La Dolce Vita.

If you’re planning a beach wedding in Portofino or Santa Margherita Ligure, these destinations combine romance, beauty, and good food. Here you can arrange majestic ceremonies that will dazzle your guests!

Be guided by a Liguria Wedding Photographer to discover the best spots places for elopements, pre-wedding and portrait photo shoots in Italy. Here are some readings (plus beautiful photos) you might enjoy:

Liguria Wedding Photographer 29 January 2018 Cinque Terre Wedding Proposal Surprising your loved one with a Cinque Terre wedding proposal! Kneel down in one of the most attractive and romantic destinations in the world, and you'll get memories for a lifetime.Perched high... Liguria Wedding Photographer 12 January 2018 Casual E-Session in Monterosso al Mare Monterosso al Mare is one of the contradiction of the Cinque Terre. By one side, the old town, made of ancient decadent walls and bougainvillaeas in bloom, so dear to newcomers hunting for history and... Liguria Wedding Photographer 21 August 2017 Romantic Wedding in Cinque Terre Among the many great wedding locations where to elope in Italy, Cinque Terre have to be mentioned among the most charming. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso; these are the na... Liguria Wedding Photographer 3 June 2017 Engagement Session in Cinque Terre The fabulous villages of the Cinque Terre are among the most exciting places to capture pre-wedding photos. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso and Vernazza attract couples from every part of... Liguria Wedding Photographer 22 March 2016 Bucolic Lerici Wedding If I were to get married again, I would seriously consider Lerici as my wedding location. This stretch of the Ligurian coast is as beautiful as little known. Frequented mainly by locals, it is one of ... Liguria Wedding Photographer 17 November 2015 Portofino Wedding at Hotel Splendido Portofino has always been one of the most desired wedding locations in Italy. Not surprisingly, hundreds of couples from all around the world choose this village in  Liguria for their wedding ceremony... Liguria Wedding Photographer 26 August 2014 Cinque Terre Wedding in Monterosso If I say their names, Paola and Sergio, it's easy to think that these are two Italian guys. But this lovely couple, who celebrated their Cinque Terre Wedding in Monterosso al Mare, is 100% English and... Liguria Wedding Photographer 15 April 2014 Rainy Elopement in Monterosso al Mare Among the millions of tourists who flock the Cinque Terre every year, a large part are couples in love who choose to celebrate their wedding here. The villages of the Riviera are among the most sought... Liguria Wedding Photographer 26 July 2012 Church of San Pietro in Portovenere The Church of San Pietro is nestled at the top of Portovenere, a lovely village on the coast of Italy. It overlooks the Gulf of La Spezia, also called the Gulf of Poets, in Liguria.San Pietro in P... Liguria Wedding Photographer 18 July 2012 Cinque Terre E-Session in Monterosso al Mare For us photographers, surprises and declarations of love are on the agenda. After years of engagement photography, we could say that nothing can surprise us anymore. What a shame! We have seen so many...