Wedding at Villa La Magia

In the heart of Quarrata , a few steps from Pistoia, there is a small jewel of the Medicean time: Villa la Magia. Be guided by an expert photographer to discover the best spots for Villa La Magia Weddings!

In addition to numerous art exhibitions, Villa la Magia houses inside the most beautiful Tuscany Weddings, proving to be not only a complex to visit but also to live. In summer, the marriage may be celebrated in the front garden of the Villa, if you want a civil ceremony , or in case of rain or bad weather , in one of the large rooms inside.Read more!

The Best Celebrant for your Symbolic Wedding in Tuscany

bride and groom exchanging vows in a symbolic ceremony with a view

The Best Celebrant for your Symbolic Wedding in Tuscany

Have you ever dreamed a beach wedding in Italy? What about a terrace surrounded by friends and families? Maybe in a courtyard of a fairytale castle? Whatever your dream is, Jo Bertolino of Tuscan Pledges can help you. With her expertise and thanks to hundreds of weddings she has celebrated over the years, nobody knows locations, venues and rites better than her. Overall, she’s almost local! We first met during a wedding in Florence. I […]