Cinque Terre wedding proposal in Monterosso

18 July 2012

For us photographers, surprises and expressions of love are on the agenda. After years of experience, we could almost say that nothing can amaze us. We have gained such a stock of anecdotes and tales that we could impress friends and relatives, always amazed by the imagination of some of our couples.

Recently, however, an unusual experience turned up, maybe the most romantic one that our cameras have ever framed. He, Gerard, is a young Californian guy who works for the American Disney Channel; she, Klaudia, is his beautiful girlfriend, peak speaker of a Californian FM called KOST. Gerard asked us to be present on a very special occasion: his wedding proposal to Klaudia, that would take place here in Italy in the area of Cinque Terre. Being incurably romantic, we have accepted and looked forward to the established day.

On a Saturday in June, we packed up our equipment and we went out for dinner in Monterosso, in the resort where Gerard and Klaudia were. It took us a glance to catch the lovebirds: two young people who were tenderly looking at each other, talking about the same old things with the easiness of the lovers on holiday.

We sit down and enjoy the atmosphere that a terrace facing the sea can offer, waiting for any sign coming from their table. And here it comes from him a sign of arrangement. Right in time to take up the camera and Gerard had kneeled down to Klaudia… you should have seen her face! I don’t know what she thought at the moment, but surely she didn’t expect it: her surprise war easy to read in every little expression of her face. What else to say?

Impossible to refuse such a proposal, in particular if asked in this way. In fact, Klaudia said yes and some tears signed our faces. But our job wasn’t over yet: the day after we went back to Cinque Terre, this time in Manarola. We have to picture the two in an engagement session to celebrate the big event. Despite the weather had started to play up, Gerard and Klaudia posed for our numerous shots and we got some stunning pictures.

And it doesn’t end here: after finding out that they’re heading to Florence, we asked them to continue the shooting on the next day in the Tuscan capital. So we met on the following night and we ended tho long engagement session with new beautiful shots. There’s no such thing as being witness to a love that’s blooming, strengthening and growing; and with Gerard and Klaudia has been right this way: a movie-style proposal for a love story that they were telling just with their glances. In a word, can you blame us when we say that being wedding photographers is one of the best jobs in the world?

the view from the hotel porto roca
engagement pictures cinque terre
a kiss with the ocean as a backdrop
love in manarola
close up of a couple in love
couple portraits in manarola
photographer cinque terre
engagement cinque terre
pre-wedding manarola
a kiss in monterosso al mare
lovely shots of e-session
love in florence italy
a kiss at night in italy

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