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International Weddings 5 April 2019 Relaxed Wedding in Santa Barbara For a Tuscan wedding photographer, shooting a wedding in Santa Barbara is the most natural and comfortable thing. The hills of California reminds me to Tuscany, and even if no cypress trees are dottin... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 26 March 2019 Intimate Vignamaggio Wedding Vignamaggio is one of those places where I'm always happy to go. As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I see dozens of fabulous venues every year, but I have taken fantastic events there, and it has a... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 26 March 2019 Alfresco Tuscan Wedding Working as a wedding photographer in Tuscany, beautiful surprises are a daily occurrence. Especially with the venues: from Carrara to Siena and the Val d'Orcia, there are hundreds of beautiful places ... Wedding Photographer Florence 22 March 2019 Classy Wedding at Villa Cora When it comes to weddings, Florence is always a great idea. Especially if one comes from abroad, and has the chance to spend a few days here with friends and family. Beyond being beautiful - a museum ... Wedding Photographer Lucca 12 March 2019 Garden Villa Grabau Wedding Among the many beautiful Tuscan venues, a Garden Villa Grabau Wedding is a daydream. Moreover, if you are Italian and have been living abroad for many years, you must be super excited to come back and... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 17 February 2019 Boho Wedding in Tuscany Surrounded by the gorgeous and untouched countryside of Val d'Orcia, there are many charming farmhouses, perfect for great celebration and, in particular, for boho weddings. The relaxed lifestyle, the... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 14 February 2019 Elegant Borgo Finocchieto Wedding After a 10-year career of destination wedding photography in Tuscany, I can say to have shot every kind of event. I saw super-chic marriages, rather than rustic celebrations, or intimate and low-key e... Wedding Photographer Italy 5 February 2019 Luxurious Wedding at Villa Cimbrone Among the many venues for luxury weddings in Italy, Villa Cimbrone is one of the most exclusive. Villa Cimbrone stands on a hilltop in Ravello, a stone's throw from the wonders of Positano and Amalfi.... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 28 January 2019 Classy Wedding at Villa Mangiacane What could bring a couple from the United States to arrange a destination wedding at Villa Mangiacane? Well, trust me, the reasons are many. Starting from the impressive 15th-century Villa built by th... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 29 December 2018 Intimate Wedding at Castiglion del Bosco Montalcino If you browse "Tuscany" on Instagram, you'll find tons of photos of breathtaking landscapes, with rounded hills dotted by rows of cypress trees. I'm not exaggerating when I say that at least 70% of th... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 27 December 2018 Laid Back Elopement in Tuscany Borgo Santo Pietro is a luxury resort located in southern Tuscany, among rolling hills and endless fields of sunflowers, lost in the countryside, a stone's throw from the famous Abbey of San Galgano. ... Wedding Photographer Florence 15 November 2018 Garden Wedding in a Renaissance Villa Among all the fabulous villas of Florence, Villa Cora has a special place in my heart. There is no other place so beautiful to host intimate and sumptuous weddings in the heart of the Tuscan town. Tha... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 15 November 2018 Sumptuous Wedding in a Tuscan Castle If you say wedding in a Tuscan castle, the first thought goes to the fabulous Castello di Vincigliata. This spectacular venue, a few steps away from the centre of Florence, is perched on the hills of ... Wedding Photographer Florence 14 November 2018 Elegant Destination Wedding in Florence When it comes to destination weddings in Italy, Florence is one of the top choices for couples and wedding planners. It is not a surprise! The beauty of the old town, the excellent location, fabulous ... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 14 May 2018 Timeless Conti di San Bonifacio Wedding Conti di San Bonifacio is always a guarantee of exceptional and exclusive marriages. No question: this charming boutique hotel perched between the ocean and the hills of the Maremma is one of the most... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 14 May 2018 Elopement at Castello di Velona Editorial If I say Montalcino, you can't help but think about wine. It couldn't be otherwise! In this area is produced one of the most famous wines in the world: the Brunello. Just a few people know that actual... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 27 April 2018 Elegant British Wedding at Conti di San Bonifacio Little known abroad, Maremma is one of the most charming areas to visit in Tuscany. Surrounded by hills and by the ocean on one side, Maremma is all about pristine expanses and fabulous estates. Here,... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 11 April 2018 Destination Wedding at La Bandita Pienza When it comes to destination weddings, Tuscany is one of the locations you must keep in consideration. The breathtaking scenery, the mild weather and the excellent food are just some of the benefits t... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 10 April 2018 Stylish Wedding at Villa di Ulignano Volterra One of the reasons that makes couples getting married in Tuscany, besides the excellent climate, food and lifestyle, is its history. Tuscany is full of medieval villages that perfume of legend. Thanks... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 22 March 2018 Intimate Wedding at Castello di Vicchiomaggio When planning a wedding in Tuscany, choosing a place, even before the venue, is one of the most challenging things. Tuscany can pride itself with many beautiful areas where you can have weddings and c...
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