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International Weddings 5 April 2019 Relaxed Wedding in Santa Barbara For a Tuscan wedding photographer, shooting a wedding in Santa Barbara is the most natural and comfortable thing. The hills of California reminds me to Tuscany, and even if no cypress trees are dottin... International Weddings 29 March 2019 Weekend at Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club After a whole summer spent on taking wedding photos in Tuscany and Italy, there isn't anything better than a short vacation. And even if I do what I love for a living, a weekend off is necessary to re... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 26 March 2019 Alfresco Tuscan Wedding Working as a wedding photographer in Tuscany, beautiful surprises are a daily occurrence. Especially with the venues: from Carrara to Siena and the Val d'Orcia, there are hundreds of beautiful places ... Wedding Photographer Florence 22 March 2019 Classy Wedding at Villa Cora When it comes to weddings, Florence is always a great idea. Especially if one comes from abroad, and has the chance to spend a few days here with friends and family. Beyond being beautiful - a museum ... Wedding Photographer Lucca 12 March 2019 Garden Villa Grabau Wedding Among the many beautiful Tuscan venues, a Garden Villa Grabau Wedding is a daydream. Moreover, if you are Italian and have been living abroad for many years, you must be super excited to come back and... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 17 February 2019 Boho Wedding in Tuscany Surrounded by the gorgeous and untouched countryside of Val d'Orcia, there are many charming farmhouses, perfect for great celebration and, in particular, for boho weddings. The relaxed lifestyle, the... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 27 April 2018 Elegant British Wedding at Conti di San Bonifacio Little known abroad, Maremma is one of the most charming areas to visit in Tuscany. Surrounded by hills and by the ocean on one side, Maremma is all about pristine expanses and fabulous estates. Here,... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 11 April 2018 Destination Wedding at La Bandita Pienza When it comes to destination weddings, Tuscany is one of the locations you must keep in consideration. The breathtaking scenery, the mild weather and the excellent food are just some of the benefits t... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 15 February 2018 Honeymoon Photo Shoot in a Tuscan Villa Among the many things to do during a honeymoon in Tuscany, a photo shoot is one of the most important. The time of the wedding is when body and mind are at their maximum levels. All girls workout hard... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 13 February 2018 Terrific Wedding at Antica Fattoria di Paterno The Antica Fattoria di Paterno is my favourite wedding venue in Tuscany. There is no other place in Italy with comparable features. The well-cared garden, the beautiful terrace with a view, the fabulo... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 12 January 2018 Lovely Casa Cornacchi Wedding After more than ten years of wedding photography, it's nice to fall in love with my job again. Thank God, there will always be weddings that I would never stop photographing and couples with whom I wo... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 11 January 2018 Classic Monte San Savino Wedding Every year, hundreds of families from Europe and America get to Italy. Most for tourism, but also to spend a few days off with their closest family members in one of the most beautiful countries of th... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 29 November 2017 Rustic Borgo di Petrognano Wedding Borgo di Petrognano is one of the most beautiful venues of Tuscany. It's located in Barberino Val d'Elsa, perched among the hills between Florence and Siena. Time seems to have stopped here. The whole... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 10 November 2017 Elegant Valle di Badia Wedding Valle la Badia is an ancient Tuscan villa located near Buti, not far from Pisa and its tower. The venue has all the features needed to accommodate destination weddings. In addition to beautiful apartm... Wedding Photographer Florence 23 July 2017 Church Wedding at La Certosa For those who dream of a religious marriage, there are many beautiful churches in the Florence area. The old town is rich in ancient and glorious cathedrals. An old Carthusian monastery is located on ... Wedding Photographer Florence 22 July 2017 English Villa di Lilliano Wedding The job of a good wedding photographer is to immortalise the emotions of the day. In particular, to let people relive all that vibrant mood after years in photos. And that's what I tried to do today, ... Wedding Photographer Lucca 1 April 2017 Cosy Lucca Wedding in the countryside If you think of Tuscany, you cannot help but consider Florence, the hills and scenery. You cannot help but see in your mind rows of cypresses and olive trees, along unpaved country roads and farmhouse... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 18 March 2017 Lovely Spring Villa di Catignano Wedding Villa di Catignano is an ancient house lost in the countryside just a few minute drive away from Siena. It is one of the most enchanting places to organise a rustic al fresco wedding.Villa di Cat... Wedding Photographer Florence 3 March 2017 Garden Wedding at Villa Le Piazzole Every year, I portray dozens of couples from all over the world around Europe. This is the first time I have the pleasure of photographing a couple from Costa Rica and their lovely wedding at Villa Le... Wedding Blog 2 March 2017 The best places for civil ceremonies in Tuscany Maybe you don't know that Tuscany is very rich in churches. Whether they are Romanesque, Baroque or modern, most of them are ideal for touching ceremonies, in a setting full of charm and history. The ...
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