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Wedding Blog 24 November 2014 All the Benefits of Symbolic Weddings in Italy Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the courtyard of a fairytale castle or in a garden of a charming villa in Italy. Just you and your partner exchanging vows and rings, breathtaking scenery and y... Wedding Photographer Italy 18 August 2014 Timeless La Badia Orvieto Wedding Enjoy this stunning La Badia Orvieto Wedding. Meet this beautiful couple from LA, California. Francesca’s gorgeous blonde hair, brown eyes, and unforgettable smile made her a pleasure to photograph. T... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 17 July 2014 Intimate Wedding Castello del Trebbio Among the many castles of Italy, the Castello del Trebbio deserves a special mention. This tiny castle is located in a picturesque spot on the hills of Pontassieve, in the most authentic Tuscany, abou... Wedding Blog 10 July 2014 Castello del Trebbio Wedding And they lived happily ever after! This is the right end of every well-respected love story: the prince and the princess celebrate their wedding in a beautiful castle and are ready to start a brand ne... Wedding Blog 20 April 2014 The Best Wedding Castles of Tuscany Not only princes and princesses: nowadays always more lovers wish to say the fateful Yes between the walls of an ancient castle. Italy and Tuscany are rich in old wedding venues: majestic buildings, t... Wedding Blog 24 June 2013 The Best Locations for Weddings in Liguria Liguria is just a name to define the most beautiful coastline of Italy located in the extreme northwest. Known for its villages overlooking the sea, it stretches from the coast of France to the north ... Wedding Photographer Tuscany 30 November 2010 Catholic Wedding in San Miniato Pisa The first time I came in contact with Carlotta, I had blown away. It's not every day to get an email a gucci.com account! Before I opened it, I assumed it was a snobbish girl with a The Devil Wears Pr...
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