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British Antica Fattoria di Paterno Wedding

4 December 2014

Kiss the rain. I was humming it while driving through the hills of Tuscany, toward what was expected to be a stunning wedding in a breathtaking venue. But wet! Will it be that my clients are British as the singer, Billie Myers, will it be that at some point the song says, How’s the weather? Is it stormy where you are?. However, it was raining hard. A cloudburst! I had to stop the car because I couldn’t see the road ahead.

God only knows how long these lovebirds have planned this wedding! And how the British people care to get married in Tuscany. With all their heart. While I was thinking this, finally, a pale ray of light filtered through the clouds and gave me a rainbow to remember. Since that moment on, the sun has been with me throughout the day.

The Antica Fattoria di Paterno, after all that rain, looked even more gorgeous. The dark green of the meadows peeked through the entrance; climbing roses looked refreshed and happy with the storm. I was excited to get there, and I could not wait to photograph the bride! Villa Paterno is, without a doubt, the most beautiful villa for weddings in Tuscany. It is located near Florence, on the Chianti hills, a short distance from Certaldo and San Gimignano. Here nature blend with the architecture, in a perfect union, balanced and tasteful. Since they have been here the first time, the newlyweds had no more doubts on where to house the wedding.

The ceremony took place on the terrace, which offers one of the most beautiful views of all Tuscany. A lovely warm sun brightened the faces of spouses and guests. I had the chance to watch the couple closer during the photo shoot, which took place in the private area of the property, available only to spouses and photographers. A beautiful garden, a rooftop pool, cypress trees, pitchers, large vases with exotic plants, massive stone columns: here is what the Antica Fattoria di Paterno provides for the best wedding photographs.

But the most exciting part of the whole event was undoubtedly the dinner in the courtyard. Large round tables on the cobblestones; chandeliers decorated with fresh flowers; a palette of colours from orange to pink to green. Under a sky that became bluer, brightened by the light of the candles on the tables, the father of the bride, the Groom and the Best Man have made their traditional speeches, before cutting the cake.

You cannot but love weddings like this! Heartfelt thanks, in addition to the spouses, also goes to their families. Because of the excitement of such an important event, sometimes the parents don’t smile. Luckily, this is not your case!

Here are some photos!

wedding rings
louboutin shoes
view from antica fattoria di paterno
wedding details
photographer villa paterno
a girl watching the bride while getting ready
setting for the jewish ceremony
view from antica fattoria di paterno
the groom
bride's dress details
photographer villa paterno
groom smashing the glass
the setting for the jewish ceremony
bridesmaids and the bouquet
a moment from the ceremony
petals toss
photographer villa paterno
the kiss
couple shot at villa paterno
newlyweds in love
photographer tuscany
photographer tuscany
the newlyweds posing for the photographer
a kiss by the pool
lovely moment
bride and groom on the terrace of antica fattoria di paterno
photographer tuscany
photographer tuscany
details of the table
table decor
table setting
the coutyard of villa paterno
details of the table
louboutin shoes for the groom
the view from antica fattoria di paterno
the courtyard from above

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