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Honeymoon Photo Shoot in a Tuscan Villa

15 February 2018

Among the many things to do during a honeymoon in Tuscany, a photo shoot is one of the most important. The time of the wedding is when body and mind are at their maximum levels. All girls workout hard to get to the wedding in the best shape possible, and often this matches with the top of their beauty. In other words: you won’t be so pretty ever again! So, no excuses, and be photographed during your journey; you won’t regret it! 🍾

Therefore, if you come to Tuscany for your honeymoon, a photo shoot is a must! Tuscany provides dozens of spots for fabulous honeymoon photo sessions. You cannot miss the streets of the old villages, full of artistic beauties, or the countryside, so rich in cypress trees and vineyards. Every local photographer knows the pros and cons of many fabulous Italian towns and its secluded villas.

By the way, if the idea of being portrayed among dozens of tourists in the most popular places disturbs you, maybe a private villa could be a good match! Tuscany is also rich in ancient homes, with extensive flower gardens and terrific architectures. You won’t have trouble finding them in the countryside, close to the most important highlights, and getting you there by make-up artist and photographer for portraits. Need recommendations? Here are the best ones! 💥

These gorgeous newlyweds chose Villa Incontri for their honeymoon photos in Tuscany. Villa Incontri is a villa of 1700 which located close to Florence, a stone throw from the centre. Inside, a luxurious country-style hotel, where silence is the king. All around, a vast park where you can get lost in long walks or relax in the beautiful garden reading a book under the Tuscan Sun. Here I took these lovely honeymoon photographs. I asked the newlyweds to relax and chat while I was capturing candid and informal images. They have chosen to wear their wedding outfits for the session, which make them elegant and classy. It didn’t take long; their beauty made the process easy, and I had a great time shooting their pics. 😁

When it comes to honeymoons, Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations. If you add a honeymoon photo shoot to the equation, the result will make you happy. And beautiful, of course! 😉

Venue Villa Incontri // Planning & Styling Elena Cecconi // Dresses Atelier Eme Firenze // Makeup & Hair Silvia Gerzeli // Jewelry Roberto Poggiali // Flowers Jardin Divers

deatils of an old sculpture
the path in the garden of villa incontri
armonie di villa incontri at sunrise
groom watching the bride walking down the staircase
black and white photo of the bouquet
honeymoon session in tuscany
a statue in the garden
cypress tress in the garden of villa incontri
couple lokking at each others from close in the countryside
bridal bouquet by Jardin Divers
couple strolling on the lawn hand in hand
photographer tuscany
a detail of the hair style
the groom
honeymoon session in tuscany
dress by atelier eme
honeymoon photo shoot in a tuscan villa 117 750x1125 - Honeymoon Photo Shoot in a Tuscan Villa
a bride smiling happily during their honeymoon session
bow tie of the groom
newlyweds stroll in the garden
photographer tuscany
sunset photo at the balcony
deatil of the wedding dress
groom helping the bride on the steps
a kiss in the coutryside with cypress trees in the background

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