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Romantic San Gimignano Wedding

27 March 2016

San Gimignano is one of the most popular destinations for Tuscany for weddings and honeymoons. Its towers, surrounded by hills and cypress trees, are one of the most famous icons of Tuscany in the world. San Gimignano is quite crowded with tourists throughout the year. The stone streets with typical shops, the atmosphere of the country village and the smell of food through the narrow streets leave an unforgettable memory in the hearts of those who visit it.

Nearby, nature shows its best. Here you can see the most beautiful sunsets of the entire Chianti area. The hills and dusty roads, lined with cypress trees on the sides, are the perfect backgrounds for great photo shoots.
Once I offered to take the wedding portraits here, Claudia and Allan have not felt the need to think twice, and just said yes.

These two cute young Brazilians got married in their home country. For the wedding photos, they wanted something different, something special, to remember forever. So, the couple decided to pack their bridal gown and suit, the hills and the cypresses of Tuscany had to be the background of the wedding photo shoot.
There are many couples now who choose to portray their romance during a trip in the Chianti area. Not necessarily with the white dress on, their desire is to get beautiful family photos to share with their loved ones when they return home, to create a photo album of their honeymoon in San Gimignano, and why not, to hang their memories on house walls.

The photos were taken in the afternoon, to take the warmer light of this moment of the day. Luck was on my side: San Gimignano gave a fantastic sunset. Thanks to this beautiful light, I took intimate and relaxed photographs, while Claudia and Allan were walking up and down the hills of the area.

Claudia was beaming. The makeup created by the amazing Silvia Gerzeli has enhanced her natural beauty. Allan with his infectious smile was her ideal partner. The groom wore a midnight blue suit, the perfect contrast with the yellow of the surrounding vegetation. The wedding dress of the beautiful Claudia was traditional and modern at the same time, a model reminiscent of Vera Wang cuts. A sweetheart bodice squeezed her lovely curves, leaving her shoulders bare; the big skirt had a particular and unique tailoring.

San Gimignano and its towers are among the most beautiful spots for photos in Tuscany. In addition to this, it is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, including fine wine, food and fantastic excursions. So why not hiring a wedding photographer to take great photos? Better: you should think to arrange a San Gimignano Wedding!

bride posing for the photographer
couple in love in chianti
lovely couple getting married abroad
bride and groom with a breathtaking view
wedding in tuscany
bride close up
ceremony with a view in tuscany
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details of newleyds
bride and groom walk in a dirt road in tuscany
happy bride posing for the wedding photographer
stunning backdrop for wedding photos
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a kiss in chianti
lovely wedding photos
close up of bride and groom in love
wedding in tuscany
bride and groom relaxing in tuscany
happy bride poses for the photographer
gorgeous photo of the bride and groom together
san gimignano wedding 120 600x450 - Romantic San Gimignano Wedding
happy bride and groom kiss each other
wedding photos in tuscany
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