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Venice Wedding Photographer

Be guided by a Venice wedding photographer to discover the best spots for pre-wedding photos and portrait photography in Venice. Off the beaten tracks, the views of the most famous touristic attractions are never enough! The Venetian centre has to be lived in its entireness because there’s much more than St. Mark square and the Rialto bridge.

Your Venice elopement will claim your love in what’s probably the most romantic town in the world. Let yourselves be pictured while you’re exchanging glances in front of the most famous attractions of Venice. Taking your pre-wedding photos in Venice is one of our greatest passions! The poetry of Venice has striking fame. So much actually that it doesn’t need any explanation or addition.  For every couple in love, Venice is more than a dream: it’s pure magic! Word of a Venice Wedding Photographer!

Wedding Photographer Venice 22 April 2017 Stylish Intimate Wedding in Venice Venezia is one of the places you must see at least once in a lifetime. And where to be portrayed as lovers. What could be more pleasing than taking a walk with the love of your life in such a romantic... Wedding Photographer Venice 20 March 2017 Luxury Elopement at the Aman Hotel Shooting an elopement at the Aman Hotel in Venice is the dream for every photographer. Only here you can get legendary and romantic shots in the canals, on the gondola and among the most beautiful arc... Wedding Photographer Venice 15 January 2016 Glamorous Pre Wedding Venice Venice has always been the city of lovers. Hundreds of couples celebrate their weddings here; others choose Venice for their honeymoon or romantic holidays. In addition to this, Venice is the perfect ... Wedding Photographer Venice 1 December 2014 Intimate Church Venice Wedding In my opinion, George and Amal Clooney didn’t really enjoy their Venice Wedding. Celebrating the ceremony indoors, under an arch of flowers leaning against a wall, when you're in one of the most beaut... Wedding Photographer Venice 24 September 2014 Venice Pre Wedding Photo shoot What could be more romantic than your treasured Venice pre wedding photo shoot being taken amongst a backdrop of Venice’s famous canals and bridges? Why not tell the story of a couple from Singapore, ... Wedding Photographer Venice 7 May 2014 Intimate Elopement in Venice I don't know where to start to tell this incredible elopement in Venice. There are so many details and nuances that I hope I do not forget anything! The elements are few but fabulous:Venice, ...
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