The Best Celebrant for your Symbolic Wedding in Tuscany

18 January 2011

Have you ever dreamed a beach wedding in Italy? What about a terrace surrounded by friends and families? Maybe in a courtyard of a fairytale castle? Whatever your dream is, Jo Bertolino of Tuscan Pledges can help you. With her expertise and thanks to hundreds of weddings she has celebrated over the years, nobody knows locations, venues and rites better than her. Overall, she’s almost local!

We first met during a wedding in Florence. I remember she immediately struck me with her kindness and good manners. Symbolic ceremonies are not popular among Italians, and I didn’t know any celebrants earlier. Later I discovered how a right celebrant might be helpful if you’re planning a destination wedding from abroad.

bride walking down the aisle

One of the most significant benefits is that you can exchange vows and rings anywhere you wish, surrounded by the love of your guests. You can hire her if you’re eloping as well, and the only witness will be your wedding photographer.

Here are a few questions for her.

Where your passion for ceremonies comes from?

I was born in 1960 to an American mother and an Italian father. I have always experienced both cultures together which I think has led me to be more open with others and curious about life. I believe my creativity is from my mother and my love for communication is from my father, who is now a retired pastor.

jo bertolino celebrating a wedding in a castle
ceremony with a view on the lawn


What is important to you?

I value spontaneity at weddings. Each ceremony excites me as if it was the first I’ve ever done. I must remind myself that I am not the one getting married though I cannot prevent my eyes from sparkling when the bride and groom arrive and he pronounces his promises in his broken, nervous voice.

What’s the most important thing lovebirds look for?

Couples who lack ties to a specific church but think that a civil ceremony is too quick often choose celebrants in my position who can deliver a more symbolic ceremony. The unity of spiritual and secular, that is often desirable in a celebration, can be accomplished in a garden, castle, villa, beach, or anywhere else you choose to exchange vows. So that your wedding photographer might capture beautiful photography of your day for you to cherish forever.

photographer tuscany

Feel free to get in touch with Jo! Please see her website here. Or you might email her here. I hope it helps!

Are you getting married in Italy? Is there anything we can do for you? Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!
bride holding the dress with her hand and a ring