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Why choose a wild outdoor location for your Engagement session

2 December 2014

If you are familiar with wedding photography or just planning the marriage peeking into your friends’ Pinterest and Instagram pages, you already know in depth what I’m going to talk about today: the best location for your engagement session.

When I ask couples where to take engagement pictures, they always let me recommend some excellent locations for intimate and casual portraits. I love to suggest my clients the best spots where taking unique and unforgettable pictures. The locations might be the most important places of your love story, for example where you met. Some lovebirds prefer to walk on the beach for natural and intimate images; others want to get lost in the countryside for dramatic photos.

It is not easy to choose the best spots for engagement shoots.  It depends on many factors: for instance, where you met, or a special place in your heart or the colour you want to give to the shoot. First, I try to interpret the personality of the subjects: finding the mood that suits your needs is essential.

engagement session

I’m still talking about real couples, people who almost certainly never have posed in front of a camera. You might be embarrassed or under pressure. However, at the same time, you dream beautiful photos. I understand your concerns!

Get out of the city!

Now I have realised that the best locations for engagement sessions are in the wilderness and unspoilt nature. A gorgeous forest, the paved roads of the hills, big trees, the light passing through the green leaves, a daydream! For those who love the ocean, Tuscany offers white beaches and majestic seasides at sunset. Nature, with its colours and charm, will grant you eternal photos with a fantastic background.

Breathtaking views, clean and colourful environments, a real treat for every artist! No mess around: only the couple and the cameraman; you can relax and enjoy such a special moment. You can chat and stroll, following the few indications of the photographer. Doing so, the photographs of your engagement will be natural, relaxed and intimate as you have always desired.

If you’re shy, I wouldn’t opt for cities, always crowded with tourists and elements that, photographically, would undoubtedly be disturbing (traffic, road signs, etc …). The confusion of the city might make you stiff and nervous. By my side, it’s always nice to meet new couples in love, know where they met and fell in love with each other, what are their dreams and how they feel in front of the camera. For the photographer, every time a new story to tell with romantic and natural images; an excellent way to build a relationship of trust with the bride and the groom-to-be.

photographer lucca

After the session, you will have some great photos to use for the save-the-dates, signature guest book and wedding displays. This is a momentous time in your lives, and engagement photos are a fun and romantic way to remind, years from now, of how excited you were to begin married life together! They must be beautiful, intimate and friendly. They have to show you relaxed and smiling, at ease in front of the lens.

In three words, happily in love.

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