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All the Benefits of Symbolic Weddings in Italy

24 November 2014

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the courtyard of a fairytale castle or in a garden of a charming villa in Italy. Just you and your partner exchanging vows and rings, breathtaking scenery and your loved ones close by. What could be more romantic? That’s why more and more couples from overseas choose a symbolic ceremony for their wedding in Italy.

Avoid Italian Laws

First of all, the Italian bureaucracy is terrible, and brides don’t want to deal with several laws and Italian civil code. A symbolic ritual has no legal or religious value, that’s true. But let’s look on the plus side: you can make papers in your home country and fly to Italy to get married anywhere you wish. Easy, isn’t it?

Say Yes Everywhere

Symbolic rites might be celebrated almost anywhere, so why not to choose one of the many beautiful venues of Italy and arrange the wedding there? You can say Yes outdoor the in the garden of the most beautiful villas as well as on a small pier in Cinque Terre.

Make it personal

You can customise symbolic ceremonies in detail, like the length, the celebrant, the music and, finally, the setting and location. Friends and families can actively be part of the rite, reading letters, poems or personal dedications to the newlyweds. Your celebrant might recommend you the ritual of the sand, as well as to seal a box with wine and promises to be opened ten years ahead. The virtual customisations are endless, and you can make it really yours.

setting for symbolic ceremony

No stress

No driving, no pressure, no downtime. You can organise both the ceremony and reception in the same location. You can walk on your heels down the aisle and then to the cocktail hour arm in arm with your husband! The same venue means different settings in the same place. So you can enjoy most of the time with your friends and live the Big Day peacefully with the people you love.

Beautiful Photos

From a wedding photographer perspective, symbolic weddings mean natural and candid pictures in a good light. Forget flash photography and the ugly and cold town halls. Get the best of your venue and convert in gorgeous wedding pictures. There’s no better scenery than Italy where to be portrayed with your husband and families.

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