Wedding portraits? Always at the venue

10 March 2015

Have you ever watched a secular tree? The similarities between this extraordinary creature and a deep love relationship are really varied. It is no coincidence that in all religions of the world, the figure of the tree is often used as a metaphor within the scriptures.

One of the wonderful fortunes of getting married in Tuscany is that almost every villa chosen for the reception has a beautiful garden. Inside, you will find some of the most beautiful secular trees of all Italy.
I can think of, for example, the beautiful yellow fiels of San Gimignano. Or the secret garden of the Antica Fattoria Paterno in Chianti.
So, why not using them to create beautiful wedding portraits?

The problem of wedding portraits

Often we wedding photographers, driven by the enthusiasm and high expectations that the couple and their families are placing on our work, try to create the best pictures ever. Sure, we do it with all the most sincere good faith, but in fact we drag the couple for hours in exhausting shootings  between vineyards and beaches often far from the villas where guests have already started the reception. Addicted by so much beauty, we  forget to consider the simplest solution, and to look a little further from our nose.

Taking the wedding portraits within the same villa of the reception has several advantages:

  • each villa offers the possibility to use  a private area for photos, separated from the rest of the reception, where the couple will focus only on the photographer without any  distraction.
  • car trips are unnecessary. This means saving time and energy for the following reception.
  • possibility to make creative photographs. Having  at  your disposal a beautiful villa means you can also take photos at dusk, when the natural light decreases and the lighting of the place enhances the colors and the drama of the  photos. For the couple, being  absent  for five minutes for this type of photos, is hardly a problem. Indeed, they will be happy to do so, once seen these results!

When we asked Jenny and Jimmy, the couple depicted in this photo, to help us realize what we had in mind, they were excited to give us a hand. Although it was an hot summer day, the couple remained motionless for us to realize one of the best pictures of the last years.

Having a cool place a few steps close reassured them, and they were happy to share our enthusiasm for photos in the cold !! If we had been lost in the fields of Tuscany, it is likely that they wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic.

Taking staged pictures and wedding portraits within the villa of the reception is always a winning choice.

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