Elopement in the historic center of Florence

18 February 2015

Growing up in Italy can be a misfortune.

Walking every day among masterpieces of art and architecture is one of the greatest advantages of living in Florence.

As Italians, we often forget about  this  beauty because we see it every day. I always thought that Japanese and Americans were very lucky, because they can enjoy an incredible artistic heritage during a few days of vacation, taking the best  of  it and dreaming to come back soon to see what they missed.

The story of this photograph cannot do without this premise. Because it is thanks to Kirsty and Kevin and their beautiful elopement in Florence that I understand what it’s like to spend  your wedding day in the midst of so much beauty. After seeing numerous wedding proposals, this was the first time I had to photograph an elopement.

Florence is the perfect location for a romantic elopement.

The couple, who have come all the way from Australia, have planned their wedding from home in every single detail. But how was that possible?

The civil ceremony was held in the Red Hall of the municipality of Florence, in Palazzo Vecchio. It’s called so because of the red velvet lining the walls, decorated with large paintings of the Renaissance in gilt Baroque  frames. It is one of the most beautiful places where you can exchange rings and promises in the city center.

From here, we did not have to walk far before starting to take pictures. Today’s picture was taken right outside the building, under the Loggia dei Lanzi, which is right next to the Uffizi Gallery and its many masterpieces.

A photo that struck me from the start: a spontaneous kiss, a moment of life and happiness shared a thousands of miles from home and their families. A really intimate moment during an elopement that Kirsty and Kevin will remember for a lifetime.

Kirsty wore heels and a long walk could be a problem. But after less than 5 minutes we reached Ponte Vecchio, taking more pictures along the way. Thanks to a taxi, in 10 minutes we reached Piazzale Michelangelo for some photos in front of the view from above of Florence. How long was that? Not even two hours. So the couple had  the rest of the day to celebrate their wedding around the city.

In addition to being incredibly safe, Florence is full of dreamy hotels and resorts, from which you can begin an amazing honeymoon. The Hotel St. Regis was the one chosen by Kirsty and Kevin, where I took a few pictures during the preparation of the bride.The resort Torre di Bellosguardo is right above Florence, and from there you can enjoy a lovely view. Villa Cora is one of the most beautiful places to stay in the surrounding hills.

What better place than Florence for an elopement to be remembered?

Kirsty and Kevin will tell you that there is none. And it is good to believe them, given that their experience has been one of the most beautiful to remember this year. Word of the photographer!

Are you getting married in Italy? Is there anything we can do for you? Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!
bride holding the dress with her hand and a ring