Why you should hire a wedding planner

7 December 2010

For the last few years, I’ve have been asked whether my clients should hire a wedding planner for their destination wedding in Italy. This service quickly rose in popularity amongst brides getting married abroad. The profession was first popularised by Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey in the movie The Wedding Planner.

Although it is still a relatively new service in Italy, it’s something all couples should consider when discussing their wedding. There is no more significant stress than dealing with the chaos of putting together the perfect marriage.

bride and groom chairs

We took a moment to speak to Ilaria Menichetti about why more and more couples are turning to wedding planners. She responded that couples were figuring out that a wedding planner had the knowledge and expertise needed to show them where they to invest money, and can make smart recommendations on venues, vendors, and services.

Wedding planners can take the lovebirds’ ideas and gather all the resources needed to make that dream a reality. She recommends couples planning to get married to keep things simple. Focus on the party. Many couples spend a lot of time on the details of the ceremony. While this is the highlight of the event, your guests will spend more time at the reception than the church. Choose great music, plan the lighting, and have an open bar. There is nothing more fantastic than creating a friendly atmosphere so that the guest might join your joy and happiness.

couple portrait in the property of the villa

So what does wedding planning have to do with wedding photography? They make the job of the wedding photographer much easier.

A wedding planner takes over this duty leaving the wedding photographer free to snap pictures that capture the memories you want to keep for a lifetime. We’ve had many opportunities to work with Ilaria, and we are happy to say that his capabilities and skills make him the ideal person to plan your wedding in Tuscany.

Are you getting married in Italy? Is there anything we can do for you? Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!
bride holding the dress with her hand and a ring