How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost in Italy?

9 October 2010

Thanks to the Internet, hiring a good wedding photographer in Italy has never been easier. Just google “best wedding photographer in Italy”, and you’ll find hundreds of professionals. You can compare portfolios and get in touch with the ones that meet your requirements.

Finding an excellent Italian photographer with competitive rates is totally another matter. Prices are lower than English and American professionals, but you must be careful!

What’s the average price for a wedding photographer in Italy?

Rates of good Italian Photographers usually start at 1500 €. They depend on the technology used (film or digital), the skill and expertise, the coverage length and, of course, on the popularity.

photographer tuscany

Therefore, the correct question is: what do you expect from him? The wedding photographer is an investment on memories. If these are important to you, be prepared to spend your money well!

What makes a photographer expensive?

Rates depend on several factors such as:

  • Experience and popularity. The market makes the price. The rates of a popular photographer are unquestionably higher than the others;
  • Numbers of assistants. Some photographers work alone; others with one or more assistants. Different points of view mean no fails. No important moments will be missed.
  • Office. Photographer paying an office or studio rent has to charge it on his clients.
  • Working hours. Some photographers provide shorter coverage. If getting ready photos are not important to you, ask him to begin his service from the ceremony in order to save some money.
  • The albums. Albums are an extra for most of the photographers nowadays but some of them might include it in the quote.


I want to hire a cheap photographer. Is it a mistake?

No, but given that you’re travelling overseas to get married, coming back home with poor photos would be a shame! Keep in mind there are no second chances with wedding photography.

A cheap wedding photographer, after all, does a mediocre job. He will just give you back, skills permitting, standard photos taken during the most critical moments, and that’s it. His profit is on the numbers. Wedding Season in Italy is from May to October. If he snaps 100 weddings on 152 days available obviously he cannot return a result over the top.

If you charge a studio with many associates, you might get an assistant or worse a student repaying his equipment. Some photographers don’t provide any editing: no colour balance, no exposure adjustments and standard print quality.

photographer tuscany
photographer tuscany

With digital, the competition became though, and the rates decreased. If the photographer is not essential for you, finding an inexpensive one is not that difficult. A cheap great photographer is another matter, and the research might take a lot of time.

Just a clarification: cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor. But you always pay for quality.

Is there any exception?

New professionals need to build their portfolios; they offer great photography at an attractive price. Overall, they should be very motivated in getting great pictures to be shown to future clients.

What about the others?

First of all, a good photographer will ask you to sign a contract in order to protect both parties, so you can relax and focus on what is important to you.

photographer cinque terre
photographer cinque terre


Secondly, hiring a good Italian photographer means getting a local that knows venues, locations and other vendors better than anyone else. You’ll come back home with photos different from your friends’ ones and a sophisticated album – Italians handmade albums are the best in the world.

In short, having photos that make you relive the emotions of that day later in time. Your children and grandchildren will be happy to look at them!

Your point of view!

Please let me know your thoughts, and I’ll happy to discuss it here on this page. If you have questions, or just to say hello, contact me!

Are you getting married in Italy? Is there anything we can do for you? Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!
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