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Why I love London for eloping

19 January 2015

I like to recommend to couples who contact me the best locations for extraordinary photographs. The whole Europe is certainly plenty of beautiful cities and places that allow you to create elegant and timeless wedding photographs.

Couples wanting a portrait photo session are often looking for cities in Europe that can be the perfect backdrop to their shots, from Florence to Tuscany, from Paris to Athens.

eloping to London

There is a city that I particularly like and that, each time, gives me glimpses and different views, colors and unique sensations, lively atmosphere and romance. A groundbreaking city, strong for an extraordinary past, London.

Among the many reasons why a couple should choose London as the location for its images of elopement, pre-wedding, honeymoon or engagement there are definitely:

  • The historical charm of the city: the monuments, squares, large hotels and the English wealth are certainly a significant presence in the aesthetics of the city that make it perfect for classic and austere, timeless images. Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the great Victorian museums, magnificent cathedrals as St. Paul’s and Westminster Abbey (just to name a few) will make your images precious and beautiful.
  • Typically British architectural and style: in London there are so many typically British elements! The colorful houses in Notting Hill, the white columns of the apartments in Chelsea, the red bricks of Brick Lane and much more.
  • The modernity: to its most historical and traditional side  London adds all its modern and a cosmopolitan spirit,  neighborhoods in full cultural, social and political swing. Contemporary and futuristic architecture,  massive skyscrapers and windows, very luxurious and modern hotels, a skyline in continuous transformation. Looking at the recent Shard by Renzo Piano, the famous Gherkin in the center of the City or at the tourist London Eye we can imagine how the city has changed just in the past ten years.
  • Each district, a different story. If you like the classic style or if you love instead of an alternative style, whether you’re posh, hipster or rock, London is the place that suits you and your beloved. The freedom of London allows feeling in the right place at the right time. Each of us, following our taste and background, can tell our own love story in London, in the scenario in which we feel more comfortable.
  • Shooting an elopement in London always offers me a new opportunity to fall in love again and again with this fantastic city.

If you are planning an elopement abroad consider London as a destination for elegant and romantic photographs, you won’t regret it.

eloping to London

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