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25 December 2014

When photography has been a passion for many years, when it is part of you and you cannot think of yourself without it, it is hard to say “pause” and do without it.

Two photographers as us always have a camera with themselves, whatever the type, its shape, its color, we never leave without it. Hence places, people and atmosphere come through the lens, not only for work but for sheer pleasure.

A pleasure that manifests itself whenever it is possible, the infinite charm of the world which wants to imprint itself forever in our memories.

Precious moments of common life, happy moments of a new family, like ours, that could not exist without photography.

Photography helped us meet, thanks to it we always keep on meeting each other and for it we often labor, we sweat and get tired, for it we smile and feel proud, for it that is always right and never gets boring.

Every new place then becomes a source of inspiration, love for pictures, colors, the light that creates everything, it leads us to look at every detail with curiosity and wonder. Every alley, every sunset, every object becomes the protagonist, a magical world opens up in front of us and a new story must be told.

A story of photographs, precious and indelible fragments of a life to live.

Our life, full of images, we want to share it here. A little slice of us, our travels, places that fascinate us, the colors that we love, everything that we would never forget.

For all those curious as us we thought of a small section of the blog where we can dream with you during our travels and our little trips. A small secret room of our home that we open only to friends and family for special occasions.

A slice of our time to bring you with us even in our life outside of work, because no matter where we are going and with whom, the important thing is to always look at the world with love.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

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