The setting for wedding at Bagno Annetta in Forte dei Marmi

15 January 2015

Bagno Annetta, for worldly and chic wedding photos: the sea, a golden beach, and a bride’s white dress are three elements that can make a marriage portrait unique and original.

There are many couples, in fact, who decide to set the shots of the day of their fateful I do, in a seaside resort, playing on the suggestions that can be offered by a natural scene made of water, sand and shells.

Here are some photos of the setting for weddings on the beach at Bagno Annetta. The concept is designed by Ilaria of  Glam Events in Tuscany.

bagno annetta forte dei marmi
bagno annetta forte dei marmi
bagno annetta forte dei marmi
bagno annetta forte dei marmi
bagno annetta forte dei marmi

Among the resorts more apt to house this kind of photography, we inevitably find Versilia and one of its pearls, Forte dei Marmi. A n area that for its landscape beauties and the offered services is popular among the most famous figures of the show business, of the financial and the sports worlds.

In particular, Bagno Annetta,  one of the most known and renowned beach clubs of the area, is the ideal scenery where the photographer’s  lens can immortalize the wedding couple, catching not only the protagonists’ emotions but also the chic and worldly atmosphere that you breathe in the village.

This venue, which, for its feature recalls tropical beaches’ moods and evokes the real meaning of seaside sojourn, is often used for events like fashion catwalks and also for filming movies and other activities where fun and glamour blend.

The position where Bagno Annetta stands has been for a long time popular among the élite of several countries, so much as to be called nobles’ seashore. All this contributes to make this setting even more cosmopolitan and vary.

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bride holding the dress with her hand and a ring