Why I love Fancy Heels (and you should too)

18 February 2015

The dress is chosen. Earrings, veil and the latest accessories too. What else a bride miss to be the unmatched muse of her wedding in Italy and abroad? A pair of heels, of course. Those with personality and style. Those who, once worn, will make your (jealous) bridesmaids say: “Wow! You’re stunning!” Yes, because you’ll be there for all to see. Ladies will chat primarily about your wedding dress; men, in their innocence, must notice you only amongst all the other women. Rien ne va plus, Messieurs; the bride is here. On her heels.

Acquazurra Firenze Bridal Shoes
Aquazzurra bridal heels


Sometimes I hear something like “I’m looking for a pair of comfortable shoes”. Oh, no, my dear! The first feature of the wedding shoes must be beauty, not comfort. I’m sure you can find a very comfy match, but you know, comfort is inversely proportional to beauty and, most of the times, to the price. Unless your groom-to-be is shorter than you, heels are a must. Here you can find the Ultimate List of the Best Shoe Designers.

Heels recently turned 60; it’s been years riding the wave, enhancing women’s beauty, giving femininity and elegance. I understand that heels don’t match the fact that you will spend most of your wedding day standing up. You could opt for ballerina shoes for the dinner and dancing, free to enjoy the party without sitting every 5 minutes.

louboutin shoes for the bride

But if beauty is your priority, beautiful heels are just what you need. All fashion designers have focused their attention on shoes in recent years. Dior, Valentino, Mascia Mandolesi, Jimmy Choo, Sergio Rossi. These are only some of the more popular designers. Precious heels, made with attention to detail.

bridal getting her heels on

You only get married once. It couldn’t be truer. Buy a pair of fancy shoes and invest in your beauty. Your wedding photos will benefit from it! Have a nice walk – on your high heels!

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