The Best Advices You Can Hear from a Wedding Planner of Tuscany

31 March 2015

One of the great pleasure of being in the wedding industry is meeting other great vendors. Some of them hire me as their photographer, and so become dear clients. That’s how I met Sabrina of White Wedding & Events. I still remember with pleasure her wedding of a few years ago.

To become a wedding planner, you must have been a bride before. Otherwise,  you cannot fully understand what arranging an Italian Wedding means. Sabrina did it. Her wedding was only the beginning of a successful career. If anyone asks me about a wedding planner in Pistoia, Sabrina is the first on my list. Sabrina’s passion for weddings is immeasurable. You can see it on her website and the rich Pinterest boards, up to date with the latest fashions and the most recent trends.

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You can feel her excellent taste in the choice of materials and colours. It’s all about the beauty of Italian traditions. She takes the love for pretty things of life from the history of her family, partly spent in the south in Italy, where marriage is an institution. Discussing the details of a ceremony and reception with her is a pleasure; every stage of the wedding is perfectly balanced and respectful of all the vendors involved.

I interviewed her below.

Why did you become a wedding planner?

I love romantic things! I have always had a passion for weddings and for all that is happiness! From a desire was born the profession I take care of every day,  aimed at creating a more and more attentive and customised service for my spouses.

How do you think couples can most efficiently use a wedding planner?

The lack of time is a problem for most of the couples, and many of them hire me for this reason. Searching for the perfect venue and caterer,  getting lost in thousands of websites to find that one that meets the expectations takes a lof time. Keeping in mind requirements and budget, I tailor a wedding project on my couples making them save time.

In which different ways can a wedding planner involve brides and grooms in the planning?

White Wedding & Events provides a wide selection of services, from full the planning to the coordination of the day only. Not all weddings are the same and not all the couples have the same needs. The wedding planner must be a guide for brides under the pressure of families and friends sometimes.

One of the most requested services is the wedding coordinator, which means that the lovebirds are free to organise their wedding in total autonomy. I only have to direct and coordinate vendors on the Big Day, so that bride and groom can enjoy every moment with serenity and happiness.

How do you make sure that bride and groom’s personalities are reflected in the wedding?

Sometimes people think that wedding planners replace the couple in total, but that’s not true! My job is to present a wedding scheme that reflects and respects their wishes and budget, but every decision is up to them. Also, for the wedding decorations is the same; everything is decided by and with bride and groom-to-be.

How do you explain couples your fees?

Behind the wedding planning, there’s a though work often not noticed; working hours depend on the complexity of the event, not to mention that I can barely see my husband in the weeks before. Seriously, I’m talking about an average of 150 working hours per wedding, not bad!

In one year, I create a project piece by piece. It involves the research of all the vendors, and especially the management and coordination of the Big Day. There are no second chances for weddings and events, so everything has to be perfect not just for newlyweds but also for the guests and other vendors as well. A perfectly balanced schedule is a key, but having a great backup plan is always one of my priority. Knowing how to handle last-minute difficulties and having a quick solution to every problem that may arise is priceless! Giving a monetary value to this is hard!

What do you think about who wish to search vendors independently?

Great vendors are the basis for all the weddings. It’s an endless and consistent study to discover the best of them. The values I look for are trust, reliability and quality. Therefore, I’ve checked in person the majority of them. And, of course, I have a blacklist. That’s why I believe that my recommendations are vital for the best outcome.

centerpiece by flowersliving
table decor

What do clients say after the wedding?

“Without you, we couldn’t have done it”, “everything was perfect” and “Thanks to you I had the opportunity to fully enjoy this day without any worries” these are the most common sentences that I’ve been told when I leave at night. I’m very thankful that my work is so appreciated.

To sum up, what do you think is the best way for brides and grooms to make use of a wedding planner?

“What time does the makeup artist come?” “Can you remind dad to take wedding rings?” “Oh God, are we on time?”  “Mom, don’t forget to call the caterer as soon as we leave the church”.

messika wedding rings
The wedding is a way too significant to be stressed and worried; bride and groom must celebrate with families and friends, I can take care of all the rest.

Your questions

I’m sure you have tons of questions for Sabrina. Feel free to have a look at her website and get in touch with her!

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