The Expert’s Guide to Forte dei Marmi Weddings

18 June 2012

Versilia is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for beach weddings. Many resorts, furnished with good taste and elegance, provide not only the opportunity to celebrate the wedding by the sea but also to organise a luxurious reception. What could be more charming than a wedding on the beach? Impress your guests with the elegant atmosphere of the coast of Tuscany. Arrange a lovely marriage in Forte dei Marmi and enjoy all the features that the seashore has to offer: fresh air, vibrant colours and many fabulous resorts, equipped to create the best beach receptions ever.

The Area

Forte Dei Marmi is a famous seaside village of Tuscany where you can meet VIPs of the show business strolling or sitting down for a drink at the cafes.

wedding decoration forte dei marmi
wedding decoration forte dei marmi


Pietrasanta is a lovely village protected by the imposing Apuan Alps and the ocean. It’s always been the village of art, with numerous galleries that overlook the majestic Piazza del Duomo. In a few minutes, you can get Marina di Pietrasanta. Here are villas, beaches, and nightlife.

wedding decoration forte dei marmi

La Versiliana, a large park close to the beaches, is often crowded by locals for picnics and jogging in the hot summer days. Versilia is also an excellent base for visiting Tuscany, from Florence to Pisa, to Pistoia and Siena. Your guests will find here many excursions and beautiful places to see, great restaurants and one of the richest shopping district.

The Ceremonies

Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta provide several solutions for your religious ceremony. The most fascinating church is undoubtedly the Duomo in Pietrasanta, which overlooks the main square. It’s built with white marble and entirely painted with frescoes. The church of San Francesco is located immediately outside the city centre. From the transept, you get into a four-sided porch, ideal for taking gorgeous couple and family portrait in case of bad weather.

valdicastello church in pietrasanta
valdicastello church in pietrasanta


The Pieve di Valdicastello is the most luminous and, thanks to this, got very popular in the past few years. Sant’Ermete in Forte dei Marmi is perfect for intimate ceremonies. It’s located in the centre, so that you can toast your families in one of the many cafes, vìbefore moving to the beach resorts for the reception.

duomo di pietrasanta

Civil ceremonies are available only in the town halls. Symbolic celebrations might take place on the waterfront of the beach resorts. Imagine a couple in love exchanging the vows and rings, a gazebo made with white silk and fresh flowers and the soft breeze of a fabulous sunset. No, it’s not a dream. In Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi you can have all of this!

couple portrait at villa grey

Beach Resorts

Both the villages are the best for great wedding receptions. There are several beach resorts, equipped for parties on the beach or by the pool. Some of these are provided with a rooftop terrace, which could be used for the cocktail hour at sunset. The dinner might take place on the shore, under the tents, by candlelight. Even in the case of rain, many beach resorts offer shelter for couples and the guests.

wedding decor at hotel augustus
wedding decor at hotel augustus


The best beach resorts for weddings are:

Villa Grey is a boutique hotel perfect for intimate international weddings. Hotel Villa Ariston is right in front of the beach, but the receptions must take place in the park.

Villa Barsanti is very close to the historical centre of Pietrasanta. It’s still owned by the family who built it in the early twentieth century. Rich in plants, statues, it’s 10 minutes drive from the beach.

wedding setting at bagno annetta

The wedding photos

Forte dei Marmi offers everything a wedding photographer needs to create whimsical images. Whether it’s a wedding, an elopement, an engagement session or just a family portrait, it’s excellent for images rich in atmosphere and warm colours. A romantic stroll, hand in hand, right after the ceremony, to take back home with candid pictures, snapshots that capture unforgettable moments and feelings.

couple portrait at villa grey
couple portrait at villa grey


Alternatively, a simple walk through the typical streets of the centre of Pietrasanta; kisses under the colourful doors and in front of balconies full of flowers.

The accommodation

In Versilia, hundreds of hotels are available spouses and families’ accommodation. The coast, from Viareggio to Marina di Carrara, is full of lovely boutique hotels and resorts.

reception at beach club versilia

The transports

A modern and fast infrastructure links the beach resorts of Versilia with the rest of Italy. There are railway stations in all the villages. Regional and fast trains connect them with Florence and Cinque Terre. The closest airports are in Florence and Pisa.

fireworks forte dei marmi

Are you getting married in Italy? Is there anything we can do for you? Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!
bride holding the dress with her hand and a ring