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7 Common Misconceptions About Beach Weddings

21 July 2012

Every little girl, when daydreaming about her love story, fall in love with the idea of a beach wedding, among white tent in silk and fairytale arrangements. A few years later, every bride-to-be considers it to walk happily into the sunset. Here comes the same idea again, with the same mood, on a beautiful beach by the sea, surrounded by friends and families. Beach weddings are unquestionably one of the hottest trends of the moment. If you’re dreaming of your wedding on the beach, you should visit Italy and discover the many opportunities it offers: excellent food, unforgettable sunsets and unique vendors.

couple walk happily in versilia

Your guests might have the chance to enjoy a romantic and exclusive wedding and a timeless experience. Imagine a warm summer evening, a sandy beach and the two of you under a gazebo of white silk; your vows among the excited glances of your families with the blue ocean behind. It couldn’t be more memorable!

beach wedding decor
beach wedding decor


Can Italy meet bride’s expectations? I’ve asked it to Alessia B, one of the best wedding planners of Tuscany.

Alessia, what do you think about beach weddings in Italy?

For a couple in love, the wedding is the most beautiful day of the life. A critical day to spend with friends and families and share with them all the most memorable moments. All brides and grooms-to-be wish to surprise guests organising unconventional receptions!

What are the best venues for beach weddings in Italy?

There are beautiful beach resorts located on the coast where you can plan a fantastic wedding. Some of them are elegant; others are minimalist chic. Of course, it is essential to choose those providing a backup plan in case of bad weather.

beach photographer italy
beach photographer italy


Civil,  religious or symbolic ceremony?

You cannot celebrate civil and religious weddings on the beaches of Tuscany,  but you can still organise exciting symbolic ceremonies. Many more American and British lovebirds choose Italian shores for their symbolic rituals. More and more couples make papers in their home country and then exchange symbolic vows and rings by the sea, lit by a romantic sunset, surrounded by their loved ones.

What’s the best outfit?

I love Jenny Packham and Vera Wang dresses, but the bride should choose her gown without being influenced by the location. Of course, beaches and shores always evoke nature and freedom; therefore I would avoid too intricate outfit. For the groom, I would suggest a bright suit as a symbol of purity and fusion with the marine environment. As for the guests, ladies should opt for short dresses, even if the ceremony takes place in the evening, to move comfortably on the sand.

Will my grandparents like it?

I believe so. Everyone loves the sea, from the elders to younger. The ocean reminds all of us happy and joyful moments.

Are beach weddings more expensive than other locations?

Some beach resorts provide home caterer. Others let you rent the property for the reception, but you have to look for a caterer on your own. However, I’d say beach weddings cost approximately like weddings in other kinds of venues.

beach reception
beach reception


What is the best time of the year/day get married on the seaside?

Best months are from June to September. During peak season, receptions must be postponed to late afternoon because of the heat.

Imagine the soft light of sunset in a warm summer day; the music, your loved ones excited, many stations for canapes, an excellent sparkling wine, torches and candles to mark the path on the shores. Isn’t it romantic?

Organising a wedding on the beach might seem though, but it’s one of the most original settings you might choose to amaze your guests. If you’re dreaming of your wedding on the beach, you should visit Versilia and discover the many opportunities it offers: unforgettable sunsets over the sea and excellent vendors.

I hope it helps! My sincerest thanks for Alessia B for responding to our questions. You can get in touch with her for any important question about beach weddings.

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