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Wedding Portraiture in italian Villas

5 December 2014

Do you want a great tip for the organization of your wedding?

If you do not know how to decide the various steps of the day, here’s a really valuable suggestion that comes from years of experience and a thousand weddings snapped! From behind the scenes it is much easier to see things with detachment and objectivity: some things that may seem stupid prove themselves valuable in planning a wedding.

One of the first things to do when organizing a wedding, or an event in general, is to define the main steps of the day. In a wedding it is necessary, first of all, to define the places and times for these phases of the day:

  •  Preparation of the spouses
  • Ceremony
  • Reception (aperitif and dinner)
  •  cutting of the Wedding Cake

Define these stages and then you can make everything else revolve around them. By defining the times some doubts will certainly arise: for example, the time to devote to the photographs (which usually coincides with the beginning of the aperitif for the guests).

The great advice I would give you today is to take the photos of the wedding in the location chosen for the reception.

The positives aspects are many:

1. You will not waist valuable time in transfers by car
Especially if the ceremony and the reception are scheduled in two different places, it’s unnecessary to move away again to take pictures, it will only be a waste of time. You could take the first part around the location of the ceremony and then move to the location of the reception to finish the service. You will arrive shortly after the guests, so as not to get “distracted” by various greetings and hugs (you will distribute them when you pop back to the aperitif)

2.You will have an homogeneous and natural photographic story
For the photographer it will be natural to build the service in a uniform way, searching the same colors and the same atmosphere. The aesthetic transition between ceremony and reception will be perfect.

3. You will have more time to enjoy your guests
If you do not waste time between a location and another, you’ll have more of it available for your guests. Taking photographs inside the location, the photo shoot will “steal” you only the necessary time, about half an hour.

4. You will have more pictures of the location
You have spent a lot of time defining every detail and choosing the location of your dreams. So why not exploiting it also for the photographs? It would be a shame to devote it only images related to the reception.

Without any stress you can enjoy the best of the day, strolling through the park of a castle in Tuscany, among the vineyards of an estate in Chianti, posing for pictures in a stunning Italian garden of a beautiful villa in Florence.

All this just a few steps away from your guests, who will then celebrate with you the greatest part of your big day.

Beautiful photographs, perfect location and all your loved ones around: what more could you want for the day of your wedding?

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