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Best Wedding Proposal Ideas Italy

22 January 2015

Although getting married is one of the best experiences to make in life, the wedding proposal is the craziest, thrilling and most exciting thing a man absolutely must try. Trust me! Word of a photographer, who has collected an extended list of the best wedding proposal ideas Italy.

cinque terre wedding proposal

In the traditional wedding proposal, the man kneels down before his girlfriend, shows her a ring inside a box and asks her: will you marry me? After she has said YES, this lucky man puts it on her finger. The moments immediately following are the most intense and unique in the story of a couple. So begins the official engagement and, after a few months, the arrangements for the wedding. That’s it!

For a winning marriage proposal, you must purchase a remarkable engagement ring. There are different types and prices. Its economic value is not secondary, therefore open your wallet and stop sweating! 🙂

The place you choose for the proposal is essential. It might be the spot of the first kiss, or anywhere your heart takes you.

photographer tuscany
photographer tuscany

The wedding proposal ideas Italy

One of the nicest places for a marriage proposal is Tuscany. If you want to leave your girlfriend speechless, arrange your wedding proposal in the land of Michelangelo and Donatello.

Tuscany is the region of love. Every year hundreds of boys from all over the world ask the hand of their girlfriends immersed in the beauty of this area.

Here are some ideas for the perfect proposal:

cinquecento fiat wedding proposal

Choosing  Tuscany for this occasion, so significant in the life of your bride-to-be, will be a further demonstration of all of your love. She cannot say no! Just a tip: if you arrange it in the first days of your vacation, you will have the remaining days to enjoy the beginning of your engagement!

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