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Why you should consider a wedding fascinator with veil.

24 February 2015

Queen Elizabeth, if for once could not be subject to the strict rules of the British royal protocol, would not doubt. Could she come back, instead of the veil, she would wear a wedding fascinator with veil. After all, it is thanks to her that the world has rediscovered the beauty of the headgear with personality and style!

The fascinator is the must-have accessory of the moment. It makes the brides of the 5 continents crazy for its impish character halfway between sporty style and 30s’ fashion. Two styles light years away from each other  but it is nice to find them  in this eclectic and versatile headgear. If you are hunting for inspiration for the accessories of your wedding, this little hat with veil is exactly what you need.

wedding fascinator with veil

Why a wedding fascinator with veil?

Perfect for all the ceremonies… and for wedding photos!

It is often considered by those looking for a retro look and a good reason to give up the veil. Although it may not seem particularly suited for a religious ceremony, it is perfect for a civil or symbolic ceremony. The photographer, thanks to its subtle transparencies, can indulge himself with many shots!

Because it’s trendy

Even the most famous fashion houses of wedding dresses have felt the need for something different, something that was less wedding  and more fashionable. For this, companies like Claire Pettibone and Jenny Packham, have begun to include in their collections fascinators and headgears  of many shapes and sizes. Seeing is believing!
The fascinator is creating an increasingly important space among the headgears most used for weddings, in spite of tiaras and turbans, which are still very popular in Asian and Oriental weddings.

It is inexpensive

Although they are often fascinating and very elaborate, fascinators are inexpensive and can also be created in a very simple way. For those on a low budget and who don’t want to slash their wrists to buy expensive veils in  lace and silk, a  fascinator is the right choice. Pinterest is full of ideas of all shapes and sizes. Look at this beautiful board!

wedding fascinator with veil

What kind of fascinator are you?

Alternatively, but only in the presence of a suitable dress, you might consider a floral arrangement as headgear. Particularly stylish  in the case of a rustic and country wedding, it  is completely unsuitable for an Empire style wedding. What is your favorite fascinator?


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