Wedding Photographer Lucca

If you’re planning your wedding in Lucca, you should know that there are many great wedding locations in and around. And inside these lovely areas, you can find 99 churches and more than 100 historical villas with their wonderful private parks. There is plenty of spots for wedding photos, lots of venues to match any marriage.

Getting married in Lucca is itself a winning choice: the town, perhaps one of the most romantic in all Tuscany, offers many views for the couples who are looking for excellent and unconventional photos. Be guided by an expert Wedding Photographer Lucca to discover the best spots for engagement and wedding photographs in Lucca.

Wedding Photographer Lucca 12 March 2019 Garden Villa Grabau Wedding Among the many beautiful Tuscan venues, a Garden Villa Grabau Wedding is a daydream. Moreover, if you are Italian and have been living abroad for many years, you must be super excited to come back and... Wedding Photographer Lucca 10 April 2017 Beach Wedding Inspo Shooting a beach wedding is always a pleasing and stimulating experience. Every time, I come home with lovely portraits that enrich my portfolio. Among the many gorgeous venues for celebrations on the... Wedding Photographer Lucca 1 April 2017 Cosy Lucca Wedding in the countryside If you think of Tuscany, you cannot help but consider Florence, the hills and scenery. You cannot help but see in your mind rows of cypresses and olive trees, along unpaved country roads and farmhouse... Wedding Photographer Lucca 6 November 2016 Lovely Elopement in Lucca Among the many locations for elopements in Tuscany, Lucca is one of the less-known but most beautiful. The town, maybe because not very touristy, enchants hundreds of visitors who stumble here almost ... Wedding Photographer Lucca 8 April 2015 International Garden Wedding at Villa Grabau See you in Tuscany! Is there anything more beautiful to say to friends and families scattered around the world?He European, she Asian, living and working in London. During a holiday in Italy, they... Wedding Photographer Lucca 13 March 2015 Shabby Chic Garden Villa Bernardini Wedding I have left the couple to enjoy their honeymoon in Boracay, the Philippines, after their wedding on the beach. However, Valentina and Daniele were certainly not easy to please. Since the seaside weddi... Wedding Photographer Lucca 19 January 2015 Elegant Garden Wedding at Villa Oliva Villa Oliva is one of the most impressive venues for weddings in Lucca. It's the classic Italian villa, central to a vast park with secular plants. The lovebirds of today have decided to celebrate the... Wedding Photographer Lucca 23 July 2014 Honeymoon photo shoot in Tuscany We had left them carefree and beautiful on their wedding day. Now, a few months later, we find them even happier on a beautiful day in early June for a new photo shoot. The couple of the day got marr...
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