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Wedding Villas in Tuscany & Italy

When you’re planning a destination wedding in a place as beautiful as Italy, you can’t help but consider wedding villas for ceremony and reception. In most of them, you can arrange symbolic and civil weddings. Some of them have tiny churches on the grounds for religious ceremonies also. There are many of them in Tuscany and Italy, and choosing the right one is not that difficult, even if you’re eloping. Thank God, Tuscany is large, with much to see and do. You can get lost amongst vineyards, miles of rolling hills,  bigger towns like Florence with villas lost in the countryside, and ancient villages with breathtaking views – perfect for honeymoons as well. As wedding photographers, we know them all! Be guided by Facibeni to discover the best wedding villas of Tuscany and Italy to get married! Contact us to discover the best ones.

Villa Mangiacane is an impressive Italian villa in San Casciano, Tuscany. The scenery is terrific: the villa is surrounded by miles and miles of untouched vineyards, where the excellent local wine is produced. Its typical pink colour is like a beacon in the dark! The setting is unique, not far from Florence and Siena, both reachable in a few minutes by car.

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